Sunday, November 15, 2009

junkin' - does a body good ...

sometimes, nothing will do but that you must get out and shop... the thrill of the hunt ... undiscovered treasures.. stuff that might go unnoticed by another... does a body good .. i think..
so, this morning, rod and i hit the local flea market then a couple of sales on the way home.. our local flea market is on the grounds of an old drive-in movie theater - it was quite famous in it's day - the movie theater that is -
i don't know what year they stopped operating as a theater, but i remember coming here in the 70s when i was in high school - it had become pretty seedy then - lots of r rated movies - which were considered pretty risky back in the day - would probably seem laughable today - does anyone remember 'cindy & donna' ?

i absolutely love the architecture of this former theater and am drawn to its presence .. it is somewhat haunting the way it lurks over the parking lot ... at the base of this building is an insurance office and to the side is the office for the flea market... i didn't notice this time, but the last time i was there the former snack bar/restrooms was still in place - just the restrooms were open though.. the name of this flea market is 'treasure city' ..

they have stalls on the outside and also enclosed stalls that look like storage buildings - kind of cool and some cool stuff mixed in with the socks and dvds - found a copy of little women - perfect for the upcoming holidays -

rod can't resist a good deal - practicing his 'dressing down' trick .. that's where nothing you wear matches so it throws their eye off .. and dulls their concentration ...

seriously, here are a few tips we have for attending flea markets -

1. know where the car/truck is ..
2. never haggle if it's a good deal - if it's 50 cents and you know you can sell it for $10 - don't ask them to take 25 cents..
3. smile..
4. carry cash..
5. water..
6. know where the bathrooms are ..
7. leave them laughing or smiling .. they will remember you.

i made a slideshow of the stuff we found over the weekend .. we did really good .. if there is something you see you like - email - the smaller stuff will most likely get listed in our etsy shop - loving etsy .. also check out some other etsy shops - including that red.neck chic and fiona & twig ..

and i am doing better, my blood pressure this morning was 151/83 with a heart rate of 66 - so it is coming down ..


  1. The last we were at this flea we didnt' find anything, but that's how it is sometimes. You guys seemed to find lots, looks like the warehouse is going to fill back up. You know what that means...another sale!

  2. I remember "Fritz the Cat", but don't tell anyone...I snuck in the trunk!
    Is that a religious looks uber cool and I love the slave bracelet.
    P.S. Did y'all leave anything for anyone else? Glad you're taking you're medicine like a man!

  3. So what was your BP before??? I'm a medical professional as you well know, you'd best be doing what the doctor (and I) say! Which is to take care of yourself.

    The big flea in SA sucks, it's horrible. Mostly bootleg DVD's and sunglasses.

    I can't wait now to view your slideshow and check your etsy shop. Thanks for the plug!
    Hey, has Effie called you yet? She's picking up the big white cabinest this coming week.

  4. Anne - noting from Effie yet - remind her to give us a heads up the day before or so - and i ain't tellin you what it was before - let's just say the nurse said - oh my - and leave it at that - lol!

    Debbie - the religious medal is actually a convention style pin - from the master bakers association convention may 5, 6 & 7 1908 in galveston texas - very cool - and the slave bracelet is what i think is a memorial bracelet for a serviceman - is says james m mccracken ra 33925394 ..and the backside says i'm with you bruce ..

    Teresa - the next time you are this way - you should check it out again - we just recently started going again and there are a lot of dealers selling stuff there - and it was pretty easy to fill the car today and we had to come back with the van - they are not early risers -

  5. OK, these places are my favorite, you have to get in there and DIG. love it. Dressing down, that's hard for me to do. I try to not wear as much bling when I go, but otherwise I just sweet talk and bat my eyelashes. LOL! LOVE those honkin' metal chandeliers and the metal cabinet. You found some cool stuff. Did we talk any more about the baby spoons? Sorry to be a bugger about them, I was going to use them in some necklaces.
    Be careful, I thought maybe you bought back some of the stuff you just sold. Ha!

  6. Lots and lots of fun stuff - maybe I will have to take a trip down to Texas soon - perhaps in January when it is -30* here with 3 feet of snow!!! The flea market site looked awesome and terrifying at the same time. Very austere. I'm your new fan - isn't it fun to see what finds there are in other parts of the country too? TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH - dealing with those same issues with my husband - only got enough nag in me for one man so I will have to let that job go to someone else! Will check out your etsy soon!

  7. LOVE your appropriation of my new word. Ha! Cabinest! Off to submit it now to the Urban Dictionary!

  8. LOL HEY! I missed you by a day at the flea market!!! Geesh...where in the world was that trophy cup hiding out? Dang...I'm going to have to beat you there from now on...or run around WITH the two of you so I can help find the good stuff (and run away with it!!!) I promise, I'll dress down...I have some overalls somewhere...I think...

    Thank You for the etsy store luvin'!!! I'm watching yours for the trophy cup. LOLOL

    I'll put it in my cabinest. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good one (and I am SO glad you are feeling better!!!)

  9. Looks like a great flea market.

    Shopping is definitely one of the fun things in life!


    barbaa jean