Friday, November 13, 2009

riding it out ..

rod and i did not do the holiday reflections show at carol carrolls - i feel bad that she counted on us and we let her down - we just couldn't do it - sometimes your body just says NO - forwarding payment for the space on monday - we have spent the last few days vegging - and browsing - other blogs - i like to browse silently, so i am really not a fan of those side bar apps that show you as a visitor - esp, those that show your smiling face for all to see -

also took a cue from anne and opened an etsy shop - started stocking it this morning - bit here and there - and more to come.

finally got my prescriptions refilled - thought i could go without them - ha! - lecture from the dr on never ever ever never deciding to NOT take cholesterol meds - back on those and the little ones for my blood pressure -

not much else to say - other than publicly stating "we apologize to you, carol" and "we apologize to your vendors and hope you had a wonderful show".


  1. Love the new GQ junker style! Doing all that y'all have been doing, it's no wonder the body is rebeling!

  2. I hope you drugs catch up with you soon. Lesson learned, eh? Take care of you! ~Mindy

  3. Troy! Good honk! Not take your meds! r u nuts? Glad you are back on them! Take care of yourself!!
    smiles, alice

  4. Oops, I've got a sidebar app like that, I hope it doesn't scare you away! I'll take it down, I'd rather have you visit me.
    Okay now, don't make me come back up to Waco to lecture you about taking your meds, k? Cause I'll do it. And good grief man, you needed to rest after the past few weeks. Everyone understands!

  5. You have had an insane few weeks - rest up!!! Oh, and please take your meds...those are important!!! I AM SO LOVING that you AND Anne are opening Etsy stores!!! YAY!!!

    Now, got back to resting...nothin' better than a Sunday spent in jammies!

    ;-) robelyn