Tuesday, November 24, 2009

jolly & the mayor

watched the wizard of oz several times over the last few days - everywhere i turned - i think it kind of influenced one of my creations -
meet 'the mayor' - my second candy container made with an old bed spring -

the stove pipe portion of his hat lifts off to allow access to the inside and the placement of candies -

then to get my head out of the land of oz - i created 'jolly'
can't think of anything else to say tonight - other than 'May Your' Thanksgiving be as Jolly as they come - (didja catch that?)

troy & rod


  1. Loving the bed spring creations! keep em coming. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!

  2. LOL You are SO a man after my own heart...will you make a flying monkey inspired one for me? hee-hee

    Those are just SUPER fantastic! You are so fun!!!

    I hope the both of you have an AWESOME Thanksgiving - full of jolly good times...

    ;-) Robelyn

  3. What an adorable,fun, and creative idea!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    The capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Oh my, if Robelyn is getting a flying monkey, I want one too! Those are so cute, Troy!
    Hey, I might be headed back up Waco way after Thanksgiving. Will keep ya posted!
    You and Rod have a great one!