Monday, November 23, 2009

cyber monday .. monday .. monday

cyber monday .. have you heard about it?

well, for online retailers it is the monday following black friday - the monday after Thanksgiving... and it's coming .. so if you have an online shop, you might want to add some things to it and stock it full for the season .. i hear we are in for a good online shopping season ..

if you want to read more about cyber monday -


The boss's Internet will get a Cyber Monday workout



  1. Etsy shop's lookin' good!
    I wanted to add a whole bunch of new stuff this weekend, but Windstream decided to crap out on me. Hey, are you gonna ship over the holidays or take some time off?

  2. i am most likely going to ship as long as they are buying - i can rest after Christmas has past - if they wanna buy it - i will ship it - have a lot lined up - made 5 more snowmen candy containers - a few of them are my best yet - i am so excited to show them - but am working on a little give-a-way - of Christmas items - to draw on cyber monday - i will post more later today -

  3. I gotta get busy... that's all I have to say. HA! I'm going to fire up my sewing machine AND my camera and see what happens by midnight on Sunday.

    ;-)Happy Monday (prior to Cyber Monday...)