Monday, November 2, 2009

monday evening - progress

we got about 1/3 of the building priced today - but that was mostly the tables of smalls at the front - the rest should go fairly smooth - at one point my pricing gun got stuck on $1.00 - so a lot of small cheap things got priced $1.00 - lol! - i ran across a whole box of new fashion jewelry that will be going for 50 cents each..

photo below - this is the view from the back corner looking across to the entrance at the far right -if you like something and it is hanging from the ceiling, don't be afraid to ask for help in getting it down ..

photo below- that spot of light at the back is the back entrance - this photo was taken from the far front corner.

photo above - far front corner...
photo above - middle section looking across the Christmas tables ... the fabric table is underneath those lampshades ... on the other side of the Christmas tables -
photo above - middle section across to the back corner ...

photo above - back corner - looking up towards the front ..

tomorrow, i am going to try to remember to get some pics of the artwork walls - seems i heard someone ask about blue bonnet paintings - i do have several that will be in the sale -

you know how you get to the point and it seems like there is so much that still needs to be done? i am at that point - wishing it was tomorrow - and wishing i had two more weeks - wanting it to be perfect - i guess - my middle sis is coming wednesday to help with the final preps - like cleaning off the counter and sweeping the dust and paper bits up -

placing the ads in the papers tomorrow -

off to answer some questions - i am excited that some people are coming in on wednesday night and staying in hotels around -

also, i am going to be posting some pics of the exterior - so you can get your bearings on the place - it's a little run down looking - it is in a fenced lot - we plan on opening the gates at 6:00am on thursday morning - the sale will start at 7:00am - maybe a little earlier, if it gets real crowded outside ..

troy & rod


  1. Wow! Wish I lived closer to you guys!! I think karma wants me to be your 42nd follower, as that's how many followers I have! Meant to be. Do wish I was there for all those $1 goodies, guys!

  2. I just know that all the good stuff will be gone by Saturday. But, I'm happy for y'all and I'm still coming! ~Mindy

  3. Thanks Troy for saving the spoons for me, Your doing great! don't forget to eat, keep up your strength. You're going to have a great sale!

  4. Hi Troy,
    Fiona sent me over here to play. This looks like sooooo much fun. Wait! Lemme' linger awhile 'cause I was right; this is fun!

    I wanted to tell you about a $75 prize being given away. Be sure to head over and read all about it. Hurry 'cause we only have until the 6th of November to enter. Hurry, hurry! ~ Yaya

  5. It looks GREAT! I love all the lamp shades. Good Luck...although you won't need it!

  6. Oh my gosh! What I wouldn't give to be able to go to that sale.....fabulous stuff.

  7. Oh Troy:
    How I wish I was in Texas instead of Southern California!!! What a wonderful eclectic mix of antiques you have!!!
    If you should ever decide to move to the West coast and bring all of your goodies with you; I will be the first in line : )
    Now, since I cannot be there, I will follow you instead.