Saturday, November 21, 2009

can you believe it ? ....

yesterday, we were loading the van for the flea market this weekend - had some trash to throw in the dumpster and look what i found in the dumpster -

it had it's back to me - and i could see a label on the backside - and i thought - hmmm - wonder what that is - i have found some cool stuff in this particular dumpster - so i went back to the warehouse and got a chair to stand on so i could reach into the dumpster - as i was doing this i thought, i bet it's one of those long skinny group style photos - i still could not see the front - so when i grabbed it and flipped it over - i almost fell off my chair - i collect blue bonnet paintings -
left side of the painting ...
right side of the painting ...
the signature - yeah it is signed - i can't make out the signature - but it looks like a nice piece to me - according to the label on the back - it was framed by a company in san antonio, texas - they were active during the 20s and 30s - thought about selling it, but i think i am going to keep -

also, forgot to mention - it was raining - lightly, but had rained hard early that morning - luckily the lid on the dumpster had been closed - also found a cute little green depression glass creamer - will probably list that on etsy ..

more to come -



  1. What a find! It is amazing what some people throw in the trash. Lori

  2. i know - idn't it!

    i love dumpster diving - when money is tight - i take a dive - never disappoints -


  3. "Dumpster Diving", the best finds, don't you think? Thanks for the comments on my blog about Precious. It was really one of those movies that makes you "think". Thankfully I go to a small theatre and the threatres out here make you turn OFF your cell phones! Take care.

  4. That is amazing..why was that in a dumpster? Hopefully it didn't have any funk on it. What a great save. And that's actually a very pretty piece of art. Lucky you!

  5. You were living just right! Good for you!
    smiles, alice