Monday, November 9, 2009

when words fail ...

how do you say thank you, when what you want to convey means more than words could ever describe?

our sale was a huge success and rod and i want to thank each and every one of you who attended and showed your support, who blogged about it and showed your support and who emailed their support. thank you, thank you, thank you.

we are very grateful and consider each and every one of you a friend. we offer you all a lifetime of favors.

highlights for us were - meeting Alice , Jessica , Mindy , Amy , Robelyn and other bloggers and followers of our blog. spending the day 'shopping' with Anne was without a doubt the most enjoyable day i have spent in a long long time and getting to know her Mom was such a treat. it felt like getting to know long lost cousins. i hated to see her go, but knew her trip would be a long one. and Anne, from the bottom of my heart - i could never thank you enough.

i really enjoyed seeing people make their 'piles' of merchandise. though some got mixed with others, i think overall, we did a good job of streamlining everything. the customers overall were friendly and happy and very funny.
i actually had a customer - and you were so cute - who tried my '50 cent, 50 cent, 50 cent' telepathy pricing game on me - but what made it cute was she said it out loud ... i'm still giggling about that one. cute.

i wish we had thought to take pics of the people attending, but honestly, we were very busy and it wasn't something i was thinking about. i promise to have an assigned photographer for the next event. and yes, we are planning another. nothing definite as yet, possibly in the spring.

for the moment we are doing a show

and NEW VENDORS this year.
TWO DAYS : Nov. 12th & 13th, Thurs. and Fri.
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Home Tour (all different decor this year) with LOTS of items on sale from bedding to furniture all Carol Carroll
Gatherings - Georgetown, Texas
Precious Memories - Temple
His Country - Temple
Junk Exchange - Waco
Old Time Primitives- Belton
Scentsy & Southern Living - Temple
Vintage Sue- Kansas
Just Soap - Victoria, Tx
Just Kids and More - Georgetown, Tx
Tickets @ the door $20 (proceeds for Ronald McDonald House)

afterwards, some new things on the horizon.

laterz, troy & rod

oh, do you like the new header?


  1. I like the new header!!! AND!!! I love ALL of the goodies I picked up from the two of you on Saturday morning!!!!! I've already worked 2 belt buckles into 2 FANTASTIC bags!!! I think I'll call 'em the Junk bags! Whatcha' think?

    Thank You Thank You!!!
    ;) Robelyn

  2. Well, Miss Robelyn made the rounds this weekend, did she? I am just sick. I saw that box of belt buckles and thought "I need to check that out next"..and then I forgot. Ugh. I bet she got the good ones!

    I loved digging through your treasures. Indeed, keep my on the invite list. I enjoyed the roadtrip and it was GREAT meeting y'all! !~Mindy

  3. I do like the new header. See ya'll this week!

  4. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog this morning. We are coming off a really good sale week-end as well. It's good to see people out shopping and spending money!! One of these days, I'm going to get to Texas. My mom was born and raised there, so it would be nice to get back to my "roots" and see all the AWESOME stuff you all have. The displays on the Texas blogs are ALL over the top! Take care.

  5. Love the new header guyz, so cool, and I'm so glad you had a great sale, how I would have loved to be there. You had some awesome "stuff"! I'm still interested in the baby spoons if you have any left! Just let me know.

  6. I loved every minute I was there! Wait, that should be every hour, right? We were there, what? 4-5 hours? Even then, it felt too short, I was having so much fun. Next time you have a sale, let me come early and put me to work as one of your helpers. "will work for junk", after all!

    I LOVE your new header! It is very befitting two gentlemen of your stature. So did Rod win the arm wrestling match? Is that why his name's first? ;-)

    Hope to see y'all soon...maybe Canton?
    Love ya bunches!

  7. P.S. don't forget to spill it about the "drama"!!!

  8. Hi Roy! We are so sad we couldn't go to your was a little far for us, but we'd LOVE to visit the next one, if we plan it with time. We'll keep checking your blog!
    Marcela & Clara