Sunday, November 22, 2009

dude looks like a blogger ...

i love blogging .. started my first blog back in 2004.. it was more of a personal process but one i have shared with others - a kind of cleansing if you will...

i read a lot of blogs on a day to day basis - sometimes i comment - i am getting better about writing thoughts and appreciations on others peoples blogs - sometimes i don't comment nor chose to follow the blogs i visit - i am getting better about chosing to follow another also - it sounds kind of weird - at least where i come/came from - who wants to be followed - reminds me of a true life scene i witnessed while living in dallas back in the 70s - two old homeless men walking down the street - one trailing along behind the other - they would walk about a half a block at a time when suddenly the leader would twirl around and scream at the other at the top of his voice - quit follerin' me! - and the follower would cringe and turn to head the other way until his leader had restarted his treck - and the scene would repeat itself over and over - they disappeared into the sights and sounds of downtown dallas - but the image has remained in my mind - i guess i am afraid someone is going to scream at me to quit follerin' them ... so i am a bit timid about following - but working on it .. :)

don't know why i never noticed this before, but lately i have read posts that address women readers directly as if they are the only ones reading your blog - forgetting that there are men out here reading - when i read a post that is so gender specific - i honestly feel as if i am evesdropping on a conversation intended for women only - and that's ok, maybe you don't want men to feel welcome - i don't know - but i think that may be far from the case for many of you - anyway, where was i headed? -

i am offering up for you blogs written by men - in the world of decorating and design and creation and imagination -

enjoy -

color outside the lines - artie eddie ross

danny seo - daily danny -

the elegant thrifter - stan williams -

micheal mattison spice of life stephen baird

tristan - - enchanted revelry - Joe & Jermonne
- who is he?

and so you will know - the title of this post was inspired by an actual comment i received while attending a sale with my camera in tow - lol!

this pic is just cause i love penguins - and i thought it looked like one was follerin the other - lol!



  1. LOVE the post's title, LOVE the new (?) banner, and sorry you're feeling excluded. There's so few male junkers out there! You are a rare breed! XOX

  2. i giggled out loud at the title of this post! love it...and i'm glad for the reminder that there are men who read my/our blogs. some of my best friends have been men; so, troy - please don't give up on us girls! we love boy junkers, too:)


  3. geez Troy man up. Every conversation by a woman is meant to exclude men. That's why we don't understand a lot of what "they" say. I view those type of blogs as a key to information on a lovely, but strange and exotic sub-set of the species. As I try to navigate the shabby world as a single man, I do find that there are many native guides willing to offer advice and directions. It is not unusual for a woman to tell me where to go.

  4. Hi Mr. Rash:
    I kind of figured that there are men in the world who like second hand, re-using, recycling since my Dad was the one who use to take me out to Cherry Auction in the country on the weekends as a young child : )
    I think before I write as it would be rude to exclude men from junkin!
    I am glad you spoke on it

  5. I knew I had a couple of guys reading mine and I try to remember that when I'm posting. (Please tell me you could tell that) Of course one of them was my son, but I sure didn't want him to feel left out...he's my harshest critic!
    Are you kidding one is going to tell you to quit follerin'! Heck, everyone is trying to build their following, not decrease it! BTW, thanks for the tip on the trees. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd do it before the show!

  6. And may I add one more to your list of guy bloggers, Barn House Guys. Following is a good thing in the blog world, no screeming here, unless you're not following then maybe there will be :) Hope you have a great week, T

  7. First - I love the title of your Post!!! Second - I love the pictures of the penguins!!!

    Third - lately I have tried to take into account the fact that I have men readers. Although, the odd dress might pop up every now and then - but I would love it if you told me what you think of it! LOL

    Here's another blog for you - I haunt it just because I think he is so funny (it is full of fashion non-sense!)but I do go and inspect my son's wardrobe time to time... just to make sure he doesn't get reported. LOL

    AND! It was a THRILL to see that you were following me when you signed up - I was so excited!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way!!!

    ;-) Have a wonderful Monday!!!
    And - THANK YOU!!!

  8. i apologize if my post hurt anyone's feelings - it was an observation and a thought - i meant no harm -

    i am adding the other 2 blogs Teresa & Robelyn mentioned - i already follow barn house - so don't know why i missed them - but i drew a blank - and i love their style -

    off to prep for cyber monday -


  9. I'm thrilled that you follow me!
    And I do try to remember that it's not strictly a chicks club here, thank goodness! Too much estrogen can be toxic, LOL!

  10. Love the title. And people love to be foller'ed. I am pretty sure that the cardinal rule of blogging, "no yelling..."

    Thanks for the reminder that we need to be neutral when posting. I know I don't have any male followers, yet... but hopefully so in the near future!