Friday, November 6, 2009

tomorrow - 1/2 price & last day

tomorrow is the last day of our sale - and it is 1/2 price on everything, EXCEPT furniture - which is negotiable - i meant to take pics of what was left before we close down this evening - but forgot - if you need to call us for better directions in the morning - we are opening at 7am - and our cell number is 281-813-0341...

the beginning of the sale - there is Alice of yesteryearsjewels and Anne and Mom - Anne of fiona and twig -

I wished i had gotten more pics of people - but i was too busy talking to them and rod was checking them out and by the time i could remember to grab the camera and snap pics - there wouldn't be anyone around - lol!

today was steady - sold that trio of victorian hanging lamps in one of the pics below - sold lots more 50 cent trinkets and bottles - conducted an impromptu class on gluing trinkets to bottle - wiring them with a hanger loop and using as a flower vase - gave another impromptu class on re-covering a lampshade -

i am excited about the sale ending and things getting back to normal so to speak - rod and i are doing carol carroll's holiday reflections show in temple, texas on the 12th & 13th of Nov. - that is next Thursday and Friday - come see us! 8050 Hartrick Bluff Rd. Temple, Texas 76502 - more info to come -

there is some drama associated with our sale - which i will share on sunday - once the sale is over and done - in the meantime - if you are close - come on by - we would love to load your truck - lol!

laterz, troy & rod
and to all of you who have come out - thank you, thank you, thank you -


  1. I didn't cause the drama, honest!
    Actually, I know what the drama is, but I'm sworn to secrecy. But it's good.
    So far I'm keeping the print, The Heavenly Twins and one suitcase. Pretty good for a gal who has serious detachment issues with her junk!

  2. OH yeah! Anne's print was kick booty! Indeed, I will be there tomorrow with an empty truck and cash. And Mayron. Get ready, cuz here we come! ~Mindy

  3. I sure do with I could come, I love what you do. Good luck to you though.


  4. I had every intention of being there to knock Anne out of the way, but life has a way of interrupting even the best laid plans! It all looked too good to be true.