Monday, October 5, 2009

was this like woodstock?

i missed woodstock - but didn't miss warrenton - it rained and rained and seemed to rain some more - then it was hot - maybe it didn't rain as much as i thought it did - but then my end of the field was sliding around in mud - i think my space was along an old creek bed - both rod and i pulled muscles in our backs by slipping - however, that didn't seem to stop the shoppers and that was why we were there - we sold from the moment we pulled into the field and opened the back of the rented u-haul - we sold in the rain, we sold in the mud, we sold in the sun, in the morning, in the day and in the night - exhausted is far from how i feel after the last 12 days - i am whooped.

cheryl and bobby run an excellent field at Zapp hall - they have some of the best vendors and the entire atmosphere is friendly and joyful - i am so glad i did the show and so glad i got to meet the people i met - i was across the courtyard ( a grassy area at the center of the rows of tents with a street light in the center) from teresa of Garden Antqs Vintage Blog and anne (who i imagined shorter than she was and who i keep wanting to call fiona) of Fiona and Twig and her husband james stopped by on their shopping trip and we got to meet both of them.

i made it to the blog party and snapped a good pic of mr. stan williams of Elegant Thrifter blog, however, i didn't stay long as it was hard to visit with people and enjoy myself when i could see across the way people milling about in my booth - lol! sell, sell, sell.

i also had a ring side - so to speak - seat at the famous 'junk gypsy prom' - i got some great pics of that also.

also got some great pics of other booths to share.

zapp hall is a great show. well run, well laid out and easy to navigate from end to end. fresh and welcoming. the rain put a damper on the show for me, but that happens with an outside show. we got stuck in the mud when we were unloading and blocked people trying to get around and things felt tense, but it all worked out in the end. next time, i probably wouldn't rent the big truck for the field, and would have made sure all my display stuff was on the tail end of the load - it had been a while since i had done a show, so i forgot.

we didn't reach the financial goal we had set for ourselves, but we did liquidate a lot of merchandise and sometimes that feels as good as having lots of money - sometimes - money packs easier than trunks - i ended up selling my little seashell decorated mirror for 40 - and my little seashell 3 drawer chest for 52 - neither what i had hoped for, but glad they found new homes and thrilled that the buyers loved them - at least they acted like they did in front of me - i thought i heard the buyer of the seashell chest plotting with her friend to scrape the seashells off - but i pretended i did not hear her.

our booth at Zapp hall -

Teresa's booth -

the blog party -

other booths of interest -

the most awesome booth at zapp hall, perhaps even the entire warrenton/round top shows -

the ever exciting and ever entertaining - junk gypsy prom -

i sold these boots the night of prom for $10 - to two girls - one wanted the left boot and the other wanted the right - lol!
now, we start getting ready for our big warehouse sale - November 5, 6 & 7. it is the same weekend as the junior league of waco - deck the halls show - and the same weekend as the annual rosebud/lott city wide garage sale - so if you are in town for either of those events, please stop in to our sale - we are dealer friendly and will be pricing it to sell - i will be posting pics along the weeks of the things we uncover - we ended up not getting a lot of the things we wanted to sell to warrenton where they could even be seen, so those things will be at the sale - i didn't even unpack the fabrics or quilt tops not to mention the paper goods - so that will all be there and i didn't even try to take the Christmas stuff, so that will also be in the sale.. email me if you want to be on our mailing list - we are trying to look at a way to photograph some of the cool stuff and offer it to people who can't travel the distance but wouldn't mind paying shipping as a sort of preview - anyway, lots to do .. tired and knowing that i won't really get to rest until we get the sale out of the way - my best - laterz, troy


  1. Hey there buddy!
    What a great summation of your week and a half at the big show. I'm going to try super hard to get up there for your warehouse sale, can't wait to see the pics of what you'll be selling so I can call dibs on what I like.

    Sorry about the pulled muscles, but happy you sold a lot. You really did have a beautiful space. You know that sweet little (heavy!) nightstand I bought from you? I had every intention of putting it in my booth and selling it, but I fell in love with it and have decided to keep it. You see my new header on my blog? That's the nightstand! Oh, and I did some fancy photoshop tricks with the nightstand, I didn't really paint Fiona and Twig on it!

    Thanks so much for your very kind words on my blog today. You really were one of my favorite people I met there, and I did meet a lot.
    Hope to see you soon. Relax those tired muscles!!

  2. Troy, Anne (above) had emailed me right after Warrenton to tell me what a JOY you were. We need more junkhunks in our girly-girl world. Sorry you didn't hit your financial goal—which is only because I WASN'T THERE! That seashell chest went for $52????!!!!! You need to move to my area, sweeties. I would've priced the HELL out of it.

    I know what it's like, though. Sometimes you just gotta unload and pack up the cash. PLEASE tell me you're setting up again in the spring, because I'll be looking for you! XOX

  3. Troy, what a delight you and Rob were to meet. One of the highlights of the show was meeting and visiting with you two. This was a weird show, with the weather and not as many customers out as we usually have. I'm so glad we did get a chance to visit and will hopefully see you at your sale! Rest my friend.

  4. Great post Troy, you really covered it! Glad you made it back alive!

  5. Hey Troy, I'll be up for your big sale either Friday or Saturday,one of those days for sure. I'm excited! Maybe we can have lunch or brown bag it at the warehouse if you're super busy. Heck, just put me to work for ya, I'd love it. Seriously!

  6. Great pictures of "Mecca", looks like you had some really great junk! I would love to attend your warehouse sale and/or see the pics in advance but I can't seem to find your email address anywhere?!? I'll be checking back to see if you've posted it.

  7. it's nice to find your blog...i really enjoyed this post:)