Wednesday, October 28, 2009

jezebel gets dressed for the occasion ...

my girl, jezebel (she was once a lingerie model and actually spends most of her time in the nude) got dressed for the occasion today - i wanted to make sure she was dressed in something somewhat proper for all hallows eve .. knowing her, she will most likely be wearing this when you meet her ..

while jez was twirling around the room admiring herself, i spent the day unpacking drapes and hanging chandeliers ..
these are a beautiful toile set - there are 3 full panels and 1 double panel - the are very long and lined - very well made ..

absolutely stunning! lined and backed with another fabric - these are so wonderful - very rich - i think they might be linen - i am not sure - they are VERY long - there are 4 full panels -

i bought these with the intention of using them myself - and it just didn't work out - so they will be in our upcoming sale -

the sale is November 5, 6 & 7 - Thursday, Friday & Saturday.. it starts at 7AM on Thursday... it is located at our storage bldg - 4800 sq ft of space - at the corner of Victoria St. & Bellmead Drive in Waco, Texas - email us at if you would like to be on our email notification list..

troy & rod


  1. I think the dress would look better backwards...definitely would get some attention!
    Wonderful drapery.

  2. Ok. I wanna know what those green round things are by the wrapping paper behind Jezebel. Ugh. I cannot come until Saturday and I'm sure everything will be swept away by then. Grrr...~Mindy

  3. Still planning on coming, but my car keys were lost and/or stolen this week! Which means we have to pay to get my car re-locked and the alarm re-set. Which means decreased funds. Grrrrr, to quote Mindy....
    Still, it'll be worth it to see y'all!