Thursday, October 29, 2009

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it was so humid in the warehouse this morning, we knocked off early- came home - took a nap - and are now getting set to go back and work into the evening - but i wanted to share some thoughts with ya'll -

1st - seriously, don't let depleted funds or not being able to be there on the first day keep you from coming - there is so much stuff and it is going to be priced reasonable to cheap - and we all know generally people overlook the good junk anyway and go for the 'antiques' - and as some stuff sells, i will be pulling other stuff out that got buried in the rush to get it all out.

B - it being close to the week-end and the start of garage sales - i want to share a very (until now) closely guarded secret with you - rod & i have been doing this for YEARS and i promise you from the bottom of my soul - it works - and it works like a charm - you know how you go to a sale and you find something you fall in love with - and you look and look and look - but no price on the item - so you search for someone to give you a price - this is what you do - if at all possible, do not relinquish the item - if you must - only relinquish it to the person who will be pricing it - then stand as close to them as arms length and while they are trying to come up with a price - say over and over in your head the price you are willing or wanting to pay - for instance - 50 cents 50 cents 50 cents - they will look up and say 50 cents - don't be ridiculous about it, you have to have a conscious about the act - but it works - try it for fun - try it for profit - but try it - heck come to my sale and try it on me cause i am sure there will be some things here that will not be priced -

i unpacked some quilts and quilt tops and chenille spreads this morning - don't even remember them - i think i got them at canton when we were set up in the arbors - 2002-2003 -

the beginning -

where we are now -


troy & rod


  1. Somepeople have all the fun! I've been dieing to go to Canton.

    I bet you have some milk glass in there somewhere.


  2. I sooo did this "in my head" thing this morning! It does work! Did you say you have stuff for 50 cents? Holy cow, I am excited about this sale! ~Mindy

  3. Troy, you are so making me laugh because I'm so done that before at a sale and yes my friend it works!! :-)