Tuesday, October 13, 2009

todays progress ..

tired .. but wanted to post some pics i took in the middle of the day today .. not much to say other than we are working really hard for the sale .. it rained most of the day ..

just some of the santa and Christmas stuff we are unpacking ..

i have a lot of jewelry and trinkets that could be used in altered art and junk jewelery creations ..

goodnight -
troy & rod


  1. Why are you so far away? Looks like you've got some cool stuff!

  2. Ok. I am really starting to think I'm making this sale...and thanks for stopping by today! ~Mindy

  3. Wow, that counter is incredible, and I love all the great Santas, you really ARE making good headway. Thanks for stopping by, I have that pot of cider on the stove!

  4. You guys are really pulling out some great things, keep the pics coming...

  5. I'm with Theresa, more pics please!
    About the art question on my blog, no, those aren't all my prints...only the 1st and 3rd ones on the right. I was drawn in by the frames, and would have bought more if I had deeper pockets. Sorry I'm not any help in identifying the other ones! Okay, lemme get this straight~you sold the watercolor for $5K? Seriously??? That's epic. WOW, Troy! Who is your favorite painter? I've always been drawn to Chagall.
    Oh, did I mention I wanted to see more pics? ;-)


  6. I'm a new follower and just wanted to jump in and say hello! I think it's way cool there are men in the junkin' blogsphere :o)
    Stop over and say hello sometime.

  7. Hey Guys - I am thrilled to have found your great blog. I would love to come to your sale. Please e-mail me Amy@Beeswanky.com the directions. Of course that is the morning we are setting up our booth at the Jr. League Show. I'll already have the tralier hooked up - HA! Ugh - Hope it starts early. I can't wait and keep posting pics please.

    Do you know about the Homestead Hico Antique Fair Next weekend? I think you would enjoy it. Hopefully I'll bee seeing you!