Wednesday, September 16, 2009


  1. Hey Troy, a blogger party is coming out to meet other bloggers or those that have websites or just people that don't have either, we eat, have a good time, laugh, take lots of pics, and just enjoy each other. Last year several of my Zapp buddies came, it's a come and go party, just to eat because I invited them to and we just had a great time. Last party was at 2pm, so it was really hot by that time and because we always laughing at something those in other tents or the hall had to come out and see what all the commotion was and one person said they could tell we were having a good time! Heather Bullard of Present/Past blog first started it when she came to Texas and I've kept it going. It's really starting to grow and people email me that they look forward to coming. So, please join us even if you only have a few minutes to spare (which I must add will turn into hours)! See ya soon, T

  2. Hi Troy!
    I know you likely won't see this until next week, but I just wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I was to meet you and Rod yesterday in Warrenton. You're a little too humble here on your blog, the scope and breadth and depth of your talent is truly jealousy-inducing!

    I would wish you luck this week, but after seeing your tent space, all your wonderful finds, your innate gift for display and your masterful painting work, I realize you don't need luck at all. Just lots and lots of people to discover you!

    I plan to come see y'all in Waco sometime soon, so y'all plan on being taken out for dinner, deal?

    Have a prosperous week, my friend!