Tuesday, September 1, 2009

thrift store finds ..

hit a sweet little thrift store this morning and found some cool things ..i know i have absolutely no reason to be out hunting for stuff .. but i really needed a break from all the pricing and packing ..and i agree that it is a sickness, but what is a junker to do?

i don't know if black velvet paintings still sell, but i figured at $3.. i really couldn't go too wrong..

the boots are vintage 60s justin - maybe 70s - i think cool - don't know if you could wear them - the trim at the toes is flaky - but the soles are good - and they will finish out a display i am creating for ZAPP!! $1.50

if you come by my booth at ZAPP, you will see that i am weak knee-d when it comes to fabrics or textiles of most any kind - picked these up this morning, $2 ea - i was excited because i don't usually find fabric at this little place - but the last time i was there i asked if they would start saving me some instead of tossing it - hence the $2 price - had i not asked for them to 'look for it' - it would have been 50 cents, but then they might not have kept this 'old stuff' - and it is just small pieces - but you must come by my booth if you are into fabrics - seriously -

also, i decided what i was going to do with the little french styled chair - i am making a shortie slipcover of natural cotton muslin type material, accented with crochet trim and accenting with a generous throw pillow of vintage soft green toile that will be sold separately ..

i got to get busy on some big projects - didn't do anything too big today - but ran across a stash of crocheted doilies and turned a small one into a key tassel .. i used to make these a lot during the winter months while watching tv - made 50 of them during the winter olympics of 1992 - i crocheted 10 of them myself - was the most i have ever done at one setting - my hands hurt too much now to do something like that again..so i was happy to find these doilies all ready done - i just added the ring today and tied the key on with a ribbon - what do you think? - i think they have a sweet cottage feel -


  1. Who says ya need a reason to go thrifting? ;-)
    Love the key tassels, I might need some in celadon. Too cute! Thank you so much for the gracious comments you left me on my blog.
    See you in a month!

  2. I will be by 1st thing to look at these great fabrics. Can't wait...

  3. Girl, I am digging on those boots you got there!! Love them, great finds!! Janna

  4. I too just LOVE vintage fabrics and doilies...

    You are so creative - are we related ?

    Organically Yours,