Thursday, September 10, 2009

thriftday thursday...

love this platter.. found it at a local church thrift store... i'm adding it to the stack of other turkey platters i am taking to warrenton .. even though it is scratched up, i still think it is a great piece ..

here is the before on a piece i worked on today - i guess i should have taken a better picture of it, but that is where it ended up after unloading the trucks - and that is where it stayed until this morning -

this is how it ended up at the end of the day - it wanted to be a vibrant color - and yellow was what i had and it was kind of overcast today - so yellow seemed like a good choice - first i painted it a coat of white, then the yellow - then i distressed it - it will probably go with rod to his booth in warrenton -

i appreciate all your comments on the way we distress the furniture .. we do teach classes how how to do this .. it is a technique we created that some people like so we try to guard the secret as much as we can so we can charge large sums for the info .. and the class is only taught if you pinky swear to guard the secret .. lol!

(the peanut gallery - rod - says - how come you haven't posted the picture of the sign yet - see there is a sign that rod likes - he took a picture of it - so i replied, because i don't like it - i don't like the sign - he likes it a lot - it's about a foot tall or wide and 6 foot long - hand painted - i'll let him take it to his booth in warrenton )


  1. Ahhhhhhhhh come on Troy...I pinky swear I won't tell anyone!!!! Table looks great in that yellow!!

  2. Just like sunshine on a looks absolutely perfect!


  3. I love it, already in competition with each other. Let's so who sells out the quickest, it's be a close race! Love the turkey platter.

  4. I will be attending Roundtop and will loved to shop with you. Where are you going to set up? Looking forward to meet all of the great dealers in person. Blessings.