Monday, September 7, 2009

had up a cute little overnight case - but it had no handle - so i created one using a length of fabric - you could also use a vintage tie and even though i have some ties somewhere - i have no idea where - so i did it this way. i accented it with some old rhinestone clips i found.

also in unpacking artwork today - i ran across this laminated poster - i really don't remember ever buying this and where i even found it - but i think it is pretty cool - it is pretty big, measuring about the 24" by 36" - roughly -

as ZAPP draws close, i am getting more and more excited - i am not so sure i am going to have many of the slipcovers that i make - but i will have fabric and i will have some of the mosaic tables and accents that rod makes and seashell stuff - and silverplate - and art - alabaZter - baskets - pottery - lots of things with roses on them - ironstone - wicker - lamps - even a wicker floor lamp - lots of tabletop picture frames - boxes of wood and porcelain and silverplate - souvenir plates - costume jewelry - western stuff - indian stuff - quilts - quilt tops - drapes - crocheted table cloths - blue and white stuff - sets of dishes - blue ridge - wedgwood - villeroy & boch - and i have tons and tons of christmas stuff - i am just not sure i will be bringing the christmas stuff out first thing - i may wait and bring it out after a few dayZ - also we have decided we will be holding a HUGE warehouse sale the weekend of November 5-8. more to come on that later, but trust me - if you are a junker, you will want to come - there is so much stuff that we are not even thinking of bringing to warrenton..

laterZ, troy


  1. I will be making a road trip your way, I'm marking my calendar. But as for Zapp, I can tell you I really really would like first dibbs on the Christmas stuff. It seems to be a great seller at this show, I just never can find enough that I want to part with, but Gina of Country Garden Antiques sells lots I think, or at least she brings lots. I can't wait....

  2. I'm diZZy (haha, hey, I can do this, too) hearing about all your great stuff you're taking! I have to say your piece of vintage fabric for a handle and the bling just MAKE that case. Love it!!!

  3. I can't wait for Warrenton! We are coming the last weekend, so hopefully you will have some good Christmas stuff left (I like the idea of waiting to put it selfish aren't I). Looking forward to meeting you.

  4. I'm looking for slipcovers, so I'll be interested in seeing whatever you bring. My husband will flip over your Christmas stuff, fer sure!
    ~ Anne