Wednesday, August 26, 2009

White Wednesday ...

i wanna play ... i am hoping you don't have to be invited to play White Wednesday .. don't know where the idea originated, but think it is fun and it has always been inspiring friend, Diane of waco decorated this condo with a friend of hers .. the condo belongs to the friend and is located in Grand Cayman .. this is of the master bedroom .. the entire condo is in shades of white .. i love what they did with the master .. love the pair of lamps beside the bed..

i actually remember a time when white was considered daring - it wasn't unusual to hear comments like 'love the white sofa, but who would want it in the living room?'.. white has come a long way .. used to be when you found a great old primitive cupboard or cabinet, painted white - you almost couldn't contain yourself until you could get home and take your secret paint stripping recipe and get all that old paint off and let the natural beauty of the texas pine or midwest oak shine through..and the thought of painting a piece of wood furniture white - never - i have been painting and distressing and loving painted furniture for almost 20 years now - i remember when rachael ashwell made it famous and gave it a name -
we had another name for it, but that is a story that involves another and a tale all on it's own - and i will share it later..

so white is where we are .. it seems .. i like using white when i can .. using other accent pieces for bursts of color allows me to change the look and feel of a space with ease.. i have also stepped back and begun to reconsider the piece of furniture .. for instance, i found a wonderful victorian era walnut pedestal table.. it has a single column support with four scrolled legs coming off the center support, a round top that lets the sides drop to make the table rectangular shape - anyway, it is wonderful.. honestly, i first thought when i found it was 'oh, this will look great painted white'.. now the more i look at the piece and as we work on re-gluing the legs and our hands are touching and feeling the piece, i just don't think she wants to be white - i think she wants to stay as she is .. and that is how i am bringing her to Zapp..

my favorite white - that i myself created - my first slipcovers - made them almost 10 years ago - they were white cotton duck - a cute little pleated ruffle across the short skirt and up the sides and across the top - sold them real quick at warrenton .. laterZ ..


  1. Love those slipcovers....any chance you'll have any at Warrenton this Fall?

  2. I'm with Anne, will you bring any. They are fabulous. Glad you are playing along. The idea originated from Kathleen at Faded Charm; I'm sure she'd be thrilled you've joined. Love the post and don't forget to bring extra slip covers to Zapp :) T

  3. Great work on the were ahead of the rest of us. Love the bedding and the duvet all piled at the bottom, really beautiful!

  4. not sure if i will have the time to get slips done for fall, but sure i will for spring - i will try - we'll see - i would like to.