Thursday, August 13, 2009

lifes pieces ..

sometimes it's not what you think it will be - life that is -

got most everything packed - now it's about getting it moved - we rented a large warehouse - 4800 sq ft - and will be staying with my older sister who is scheduled for some upcoming surgery - excited about getting to work on things again - nervous about what will sell and what won't - will i get it priced at a reasonable enough price to sell and good enough for me to make a profit - those things you think about - at least i do -

kind of feel like pieces today - a piece of that and a piece of this - nibbled on food all day - heard bits and parts of conversations - watched portions of shows as i packed - just a piece-y kind of day - say it real slow and with a deep southern drawl - yeah, there ya go -

so, you know what i mean -

here is a table top rod made - made from bits and pieces of painted wood - used an old bar pedestal table as the base - can't wait for him to do more -

laterz, troy

see how i put the Z in that?


  1. T: you are too funny. And that Rod, is he talented or what? For a minute I thought it was a table cloth until I clicked on the pic. I so understand what ya mean about the shows. You never know what will sell and yes I too want to keep my prices fair and still make money! Hope ya'll are having a great Friday!!

  2. Hi Troy..
    are you troytrash from JMS..if so, happy to find your blog as I love your style.

  3. xojanis - yes, i am the same troy from JMS - in fact i plan to start contributing more things there in the coming days/weeks - we are just getting settled - more to come. thank you so much for your comments, following me and loving what i do - troy