Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pricing ...

do people buy belt buckles? somehow .. i haven't the foggiest notion how .. i have accumulated a large collection of belt buckles .. taking them to Zapp .. priced very reasonable .. of course ..i also ended up .. somehow .. with a sizable handful of those metal folding hand fans with asian themed art work .. ended up pricing them a buck a piece and found a cute container to aid in their display ...

so i got a question ...and i am looking for opinions ...i am torn on what to do with this cute little french styled chair..the upholstery is torn and a little frayed .. i could re-upholster, but never sure if the fabric is something someone will want .. so thinking about just leaving it like it is and pricing it reasonable and then if it doesn't sell, look at re-doing it .. should i leave it as is, or re-upholster it?

we got pretty far today.. there were a lot of things we sorted through that didn't really require anything done in order to sell.. so we started a new pile of things we could sell just as it was ...just price it.. these will be going to warrenton ...the little caned french style folding screen is adorable ...and the gold painted candle stands are great also .. the mass of bubble wrap on the table is a super hand made curly-que corner wall shelf that is larger than any i have ever seen..

i set up 4 shelves and one i labeled - canton - 1 i labeled - warrenton - 1 is labeled - ebay and the last is labeled - garage sale. so as i am sorting through the boxes and crates, i am sorting where it should be sold. ebay is mostly paper stuff and tiny smalls - like good jewelry and the like - canton is stuff that is kind of fun but might not be something i want to take to warrenton - and warrenton is the stuff that is both fun and funky and just out and out great - i am trying not to get too much into smalls that are breakable - but who knows what is going to want to go (my stuff talks to me and it is all very excited about zapp hall) oh and garage sale is the nascar stuff i seem to accumulate - so after sorting through as many crates and boxes as i could today - i ended up with a total of 3 crates - priced and packed and ready for warrenton -

it's too early in the evening to be pooped.. but i think i am ..laterz


  1. Wow, I admire your organizational skills! But with that many venues you would have to be. Hard to say about the chair. If you slipcover or re-upholster I would stick with a white or neutral natural linen-type material, which is the trend at the moment. Can't go wrong with that. Looks like you're coming along great.

  2. Ok, you asked for my opinion right? I know not just my opinion, but I'll pretend you did. See the pic with all the wicker and candelabras and divider, go head and put "TC" on that pile and set aside. Then, the chair, I would leave as is since it's so close to Warrenton or you could reupholster in a burlap fabric or something similar. And, what was your other question, oh the buckles. Well, do you live in Texas, yes and are you coming to Zapp, yes, then those buckles will sell. Those girls will want one to go with their prom attire. There problems solved. I'll send you the bill.

  3. you know, i wasn't even thinking about slipcovers - maybe a shortie - i like the slipcover idea - teresa - you're funny - i sure am looking forward to meeting you - but, hey, you can buy it all - but sounds like you are going to have your own booth full with as many loads as you are taking down..where you going to put it all?

  4. Wow, your stuff speaks to you, too? I just completed a blog post about that very topic. Thanks for confirming that I'm not entirely nuts. ;-)