Saturday, August 29, 2009

gathering ..

i have been picking up lone suitcases here and there .. i like suitcases .. especially the old grasscloth suitcases .. i got them all rounded up today .. i think i have enough for a good showing .. i also have a lot of baskets of different sizes and shapes favorite suitcases are the ones at the bottom left hand of the stack .. and there is a round black faux alligator hat case that is pretty cool ...more stuff to come .. going back to the warehouse this evening to sort and price some more .. also setting up my sewing area so i can get busy sewing some things .. by monday .. also set up our workout area so we can get back to doing our cardio exercises .. and made room for our bowflex ..was a busy morning ..laterz, troy


  1. Love that round faux gater hatbox. You could take one mighty big Texas trip with all those cases!

  2. Hi, Thank you so much for stopping by...glad you're doing White Wednesday! Hey, about your French chair...did you look through where it's torn to see if maybe it has cotton fabric underneath? A friend of mind had an old French chair and found underneath wonderul ecru cotton fabric( they use to use this over the horse hair) any way it was perfect even with nail heads to tack it down! Just a thought........
    My Best

  3. i love seeing your big groups of the jar of cars.... and all the buckles together..... and piles of suitcases..... ann