Wednesday, August 12, 2009

brand new day ..

same me .. same you ... different town .. different view

what a great way to start anew ... heard from cheryl at zapp hall today via email .. she will find a spot for us .. so excited .. we should have everything moved into our warehouse by next weekend and we can start sorting and pricing and getting things ready for warrenton.. i will be adding pics as i can to let you see what we have for the show ... first zhow on the list though is canton, we are going to try and get in somewhere in canton for the end of august here .. think we will mostly take stuff to move quickly and get out of the way ...

what will i be bringing to zapp? not zure, yet - have a great tufted barrel ztyle 1920z deco tub chair with awezome wood trim - zome beautiful brazz frilly sconzez - (ok, i am going overboard with the z's - but i am so excited with the news - i am going to be at ZAPP HALL!) - also, some great mirrors, a super wonderful industrial table that would make a killer island - another industrial piece that i used for storing quilts - oh, the quilts too - i don't know yet the size of the space - cheryl just assured me i/we (i do have a partner, his name is Rod - i forget him sometimes) that we were in - what i plan to do, depending on the size of the booth - go in dress it up and then bring more stuff as needed to replenish the booth during the show - yeah, that is what i am going to have to do - people are going to be buying like crazzzzzy! oh and i have tons and tons of trunkets and do dahs - lots of things for 'sussies' - some pretty pieces of china - lots of things with roses, some stoneware - a gorgeous stoneware tureen - all of which you will see pics of in the weekz to come -

i will see about adding some pics of the storage rooms i will be sorting through for the show - but once i get it all back from where it started over 10 months ago - i will get you some good pics of stuff to really and truly excite you -

we now have 4800 sq ft in which to sort and create - yeah!


  1. OMG, if I had that much square footage my family wouldn't find me for weeks! Congrats on the new blog and I'm sure the new adventures that will head your way. And of course congrats of possibly being my neighbor at Zapp. If you are a coffee drinker I will have a fresh pot each morning waiting. Can't function w/o my coffee!

  2. Welcome to blogging, it will change your life! Excited to see all your great stuff, keep the photos coming. I'm from Missouri, so I don't get to the shows. I have to rely on all of you, especially Theresa, to give me my "junk fix". LOVE the pillow ticking and bottles!!!