Friday, May 6, 2011

weekly wrap-up & old gliders

Canton was last weekend .. and it turned out to be a pretty good show in spite of the abundance of tornadoes and high winds .. we had chilly mornings .. and pleasant afternoons .. though the weather people scared everyone with talk of tornado warnings and watches .. we didn't see much rain to speak of .. and Sunday was downright pleasant .. though no customers ..

I forgot to take my camera along .. so the only pic I have is from my phone ..

this was taken from the front of the booth.. we had an old army cot all dressed up and draped with mosquito netting .. it was quite cute and started a conversation with Rod and a customer over the metal gliders we used to slipcover .. I promised that customer I would upload some pics of gliders we had done in the past ..

this glider all in white and accented with a single green damask pillow was shown at Marburger .. it sold the first day it was shown ..

this glider and the one below were both shown in Warrenton at the Hillcrest Inn .. they both sold the first day ..

this one was also shown at Warrenton at the Hillcrest Inn show, I think it sold the second day of the show ..

this one was done in vintage denim and tablecloth check in red and white and vintage tablecloth pillow fronts .. it was shown in Canton and sold the second time it was shown ..

this is one of my favorite Warrenton gliders ..I covered it in a gorgeous Cath Kidson rose pattern fabric and accented it with eyelet underskirt .. then draped it with mosquito netting .. sold the first day ..

this is one done for Canton.. it is covered in vintage mattress ticking and had a matching chair.. both pieces sold though separately that weekend..

other than that .. not a lot going on .. hoping the upcoming Canton is a good one .. Rod is working on some cool things for the show .. we are also doing some minor things around the house ..

ya'll have a good weekend ..

love ya'


  1. I remember seeing these pics and just how gorgeous they were. I meant to come and see you this Canton but side tracked. I'm really wanting one of your pretty pillows. Have a great weekend.

  2. It would appear to me you need to hunt down some more gliders and get to crackin'! They are your signature pieces!!!

  3. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed seeing these pictures of gorgeous gliders!! I had bought one at a yard sell several years ago but it just looks so blah- I was getting ready to sell it in my booth and get rid of the eye sore- well no more!! I am so excited to do something beautiful with it now!!
    It will be perfect on my sunporch!
    Thank you!
    Is there any hints or helps that you could give on doing something like this with a glider?

    Oh also could i show your pretty gliders with a link back to you on my blog. I do a segment on Saturdays called Discovering Beauty and I sure discovered beauty here!
    bee blessed

  4. Thank ya'll.

    Teresa, come see us next time you are in Canton.. been forever since I have gotten the chance to say hi ..

    Debbie, that is what Rod keeps saying..We don't live too far from the local recycling company and we have been known to hang out at the entrance of said company and offer to purchase any metal gliders we see headed for recycling .. one day we scored 3 .. hasn't happened in a long while though .. i think people are too savvy ..

    Mary, by all means .. link back .. I would welcome the exposure.. helps or hints .. well I am self taught .. and I learned by just going slow and taking my time .. the first slipcover/re-upholstery piece I did took me a week to do .. now I can do them in a couple of days .. maybe less .. I have never tried repainting the gliders .. usually just wash them real good and maybe a coat of briwax .. and then I find a fabric that works with the color or colors of the glider ..and go from there ..I let the glider speak to me so to say .. since you will be keeping yours, it should have a lot to say to you about how it wants to fit into your family .. I have done everything from zipper closures to just old fashioned tucks at the back of the cushions .. I try to make everything where it is removable and washable ..the most fun is just letting yourself go and following your instincts .. good luck and I sure would like to see what the end result will be ..

    Love ya'll,

  5. I love your gliders especially the creamy colored ones!! They are gorgeous!
    Where in Canton are you ? I usually go on Wednesdays before all of the buildings are set up so I miss all of the beautiful things in those ~