Thursday, May 19, 2011

'maters in the sunshine ..

does anyone do this anymore? .. sitting your tomatoes on the windowsill to fully ripen? .. my Mom and Dad both used to do this, i just started doing it recently .. i love the taste of a tomato (my father called them 'maters) ripened in the sun .. the warm juiciness coming through in the flavor .. the juice sometimes running down your wrist or spreading across your plate .. i like to sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper .. sometimes a little dill .. i love them as a side dish .. especially in the summer ..

i think everyone has grown a tomato plant at some time or another in their life .. it's the one garden item we can all grow .. easily so .. and feel connected to the earth .. the cycle .. look what i did .. i grew a tomato .. and that first taste is always the sweetest ..

may your day be filled with the sunshine your life requires ..

love ya'


  1. Oh yum, now you are talking my language with dill. I haven't had a fresh tomato in a while. Making my mouth water, thank you very much :0 Happy sunshine day to you too.

  2. I never heard of that but I believe you. I'm going to get me some and try. I called a slice of toast and a piece of tomato, dill, salt and pepper a Martha Stewart sandwich. I saw that for the first time in her show and it made my mouth water. Later on I found out it is so European to do so. The italians will add olive oil, germans will add cucumber to it.Yummy, yet so simple. You are right about people growing tomatoes. I found out the best tomatoes happen when you don't even plan. One year my husband dump some tomato seed and past ripe tomatoes in my front yard flower bed. Guess what? In no time we have this tall ugly plants taking over the flower bed. We have so many tomatoes that I have to go and knock at the neighbor's to get rid of some. After that we try to plant and grow them in a controlled place and we never got the same success. Blessings to you and yours, Marta.

  3. Dang, Troy. Now my mouth is watering! ;-) My favorite summer treat is white bread, mayo, sliced tomato and sliced colby or cheddar cheese. It just exudes "summer" to me. Nothing better than fresh summer tomatoes.
    Hope you have a creative and restful weekend, my friend.

  4. It was great meeting you today in Canton!! Your things are all so gorgeous! I have gone through alot of your blog to see what you may not have had in your booth today ~ I love everything!
    I was at your blog recently and was already a follower of yours ~ I remember seeing your covered gliders on someone else's blog and that is when I found you ~