Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Canton .. the one afore the one coming up ..

here we are getting ready for Canton next week and i'm realizing i never even showed you pics of Canton last month ..

enjoy some of the pics and remember to come see us this month .. yeah, i know .. it is sooo hot .. but one thing to remember about Canton in the summer months .. there aren't a lot of people shopping .. so it isn't as crowded .. and there are fewer vendors, so the ones there are really willing to make you some good deals .. and you can always come and shop the arbors and pavilions .. you could almost walk all of Canton and never have to be in the sun .. almost ..

pillow made from old embroidery stitching ..

1936 blueprint laid on board .. love it ! hanging above vintage pearl snap button Western shirts .. short and long sleeve ..

'paris' pillow shams on canvas ..

vintage turned wood pieces ... these were a big hit ..

collection of old painted label soda bottles .. as flower vases ..

one side of the booth from a distance ..

the other side of the booth .. also from a distance ..

vintage dresser and vanity .. did not match .. painted both white and accented with vintage rose print wallpaper .. sold both ..

another view of the booth ..

don't forget to come and see us this month .. Arbors 2, spaces 217 & 218 ..

love ya'


  1. Oh... I wanna come see you!!! If I show up - will you just let me loiter in front of the fan?

    LOVE the blueprint!!! LOVE!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. robelyn .. we have the nicest breeze that blows through our booth .. we set the booth up so the back is open to the breeze and the front of course is open to the inside walk .. it is so nice .. everyone loiters .. and buys from us ..
    love ya .. come see us ..


  3. It's beautiful and I am coming to hunt you down...
    Tipsy Tango
    Quinlan, Texas

  4. Hi Troy! Oh I just love seeing all your goods, and the inside of your farmhouse. Love that bench with all the teddies and that great grouping above it. Looks like "home"!! Hope things are going well, xo Debra

  5. Hi Troy!
    One word...GOR-JUS! Wish I could be there to snoop through every little corner of your booth. I'm sure I'd find something(s) that I couldn't live without. Good sale, my friend. (no luck involved)

  6. Love the blueprint..and love Canton!