Thursday, June 30, 2011

LIVE! from Canton Thursday June 30, 2011

Pulled in late yesterday afternoon, trying to avoid the heat. Rod has the computer set up, so I will be making posts most of the weekend. So, keep a watch on the blog. And let me know if there is something you would like to see a pic of.. the above pic is one section or vignette of the booth..I am sooo proud of the little glider.. when I get back from Canton, I will post better pics of the glider.
Everything is removable and washable.

Our empty booth upon arrival... display delivered and ready for set-up. ..

tub ottoman, made from old wash tub .. painted white .. distressed and upholstered then fitted with a custom throw...

new slipcover designs .. check out the slipcover on the top of the table.. our new twice piece slipcover.. also see the tablecloth .. a reconstructed vintage tablecloth .. love it .. have already had to scare a photographer off who was going in for close-ups on the construction .. people! ..

close-up of the glider .. loving it! .. it is such a cute size.. so you will know, this was transported to the workroom in the back seat and trunk of a honda civic .. it folds down ..

vintage 1920s chest with vintage 1940s wallpaper .. fabric tie handles .. so cute ..

Come see Junk Exchange in the Arbors .. Arbor 2 .. spaces 217 & 218 ..

We are excited to see you ..

love ya'


  1. I have a glider I found in the trash, I love the idea of covering them!!

  2. looks like cool stuff, love the glider, hope to be at Canton tomorrow. Try to stay cool. Lezlee