Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend ..

Debra at Talking Trash posted a pic of herself as a child in all her Easter finery, which made me want to do the same .. so follow suit .. pull out all the pics of yourself as a child at Easter and post them on your blog or facebook ..

Here I am with my brother, Wendal and my older Sister, Joyce.. We called her Sister and I called my brother Bubba .. and he called me Toe .. he couldn't say Troy and it came out Toe ..

Wendal died in 2006 and Sister died a year ago this coming June 30.. I cherish these memories ..

This was taken in 1960. I would have almost been 2. I am the little one in the middle. Our parents dressed Bubba and I alike until we were old enough to protest.

Miss those Easters. Enjoy yours and I hope you have a Joyous Easter.

Love ya'


  1. First time reader, but I'll be back. Love your Easter photo. I keep one of my father and me taken on Easter Sunday in 1955 (I was 5)out all year long. Love the memories. Thanks and Happy Easter.

  2. I love seeing pictures like that. I have some old family Easter pictures some where going to go look for them

  3. Such precious memories! I haven't been blogging much, but had to stop in today to visit some of my favorite people!
    Happy Easter!
    Nita Jo

  4. Troy, such sweet memories to have during Easter. I haven't looked for any pics of myself but I sure have plenty of my kids. I should have posted some. Happy late Easter my friend, T