Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How was Canton ?

Canton was beautiful this past weekend.. the crowds were large and even though it was a bit cooler, we had a lot of travelers. Louisiana seem to all come for a visit. Seems like every other customer was from Louisiana, with some saying they were having so much fun they were coming back next month.
Met some customers all the way up from Austin and San Antonio who fell in love with the booth.
Here are some pics from our booth this past month. Enjoy and we hope to see you there next month ..

tufted french bench .. you can't really see them in the pic, but i made some buttons for this bench using cotton string .. they look like little pom poms ..

love the little slipcovered childs chairs .. Rod made a table to go with using old banister spindles as legs ..

i love the look of a sweet little antique chair stacked with pillows .. the top pillow is from our new line of vintage pillows .. just the sham, ma'am ..

darling ruffled initial shams .. cute!

don't you just love this pair of stools .. i believe they originally were a pair of cocktail tables .. the base is heavy metal and was already painted gold when we found them .. i covered them in burlap and i love the way the tufting turned out .. i also made some special buttons for them using threads of the burlap ..

another pillow from our new line of vintage pillows - just the sham, ma'am - the pillows are made using discarded and saved scraps of vintage fabrics blended with burlap, canvas and muslin ..

just the sham, ma'am - vintage toile pillow ..

i love our union jack pillows ..

We hope to see you in Canton this coming month.. keep watching the blog for updates on finished projects for the show.

Love ya'll


  1. hey Troy, LOVE all your fab pillows! the union jacks and the pieced are so wonderful. wish I lived closer!!

  2. Yummy stuff!!!
    Can I hire you to come furnish and style my house? :-)


  3. I always love your booth, and Canton was great this past weekend!

  4. Hi Troy:
    Your booth looks just scrumptious! Wish I could have been there to get the full experience.
    Hope you have a great week.

  5. I love the union jack pillows too! And did the cute little bench sale?

  6. Thank ya'll!
    Debra - wish you lived closer also .. you would love Canton..
    Anne - I would love to furnish and style your house .. but I know you are just teasin me .. after all you have been through to get into the house, I know you are looking forward to spreadin your wings and creating your own personal sanctuary .. but thank you!
    Lezlee - I honestly don't remember seeing you this past month.. next time you are in the booth, sit a spell and lets chat ..love your blog ..
    Teresa - thank you! yes, the bench found a happy home at the end of a bed. Im lookin forward to hearing about Warrenton ..
    Thank ya'll again..

  7. Thank you for stopping by Troy, and the sweet comment... I didn't introduce myself, but I will next time...just live 2o minutes away...I got plenty more pics of Round Top, so you may overdose, but what a way to go!