Sunday, April 17, 2011

on slipcovers, collecting kitchen and my niece ..

Here are the two new slipcovers we will be introducing at Canton this month .. along with a lot of other things ..
Though one is done in natural cotton muslin and the other in bleached cotton muslin either slipcover can be made in either fabric .. Both of the slipcovers are our answer to the long ruffled slipcover .. there may be changes made over time .. but this is the prototype ..

The bright white slipcover was inspired by the petticoat of a Victorian era slip I have carried around for years .. it is my favorite one ..

I spent yesterday working in our kitchen .. unpacking things and putting things away .. one thing I realized .. all these years of collecting .. I / We have collected with the intention of having a huge old fashioned country kitchen .. when in reality, what we ended up with is a small compact kitchen where I can stand in the middle of the room and stretching my arms out almost touch the wall on either side .. bottom line, we have too much stuff .. as for shelving in the kitchen .. there is one more shelf like this on the other side of the sink .. with a small window open to the back yard in the middle ..

the cute canister set houses nuts, gluten free crackers, tea and the like .. I don't use sugar or flour ..

What better way to end the weekend than showering family with love and affection .. this is my Princess .. the Little Divine Miss Em - Emma Nicole Rash - she will be 1 year old next month .. we also call her E Nicky to the R .. she is my angel .. oh and she's my niece .. love her bunches .. she gives the best kisses and hugs .. and she loves her Uncle Toe ..

love you all .. have a glorious Sunday afternoon and evening ..


  1. You are very talented indeed that slipcovers are simply divine and uber chic...enjoy your Sunday!


  2. Oh I love those beautiful romantic slipcovers!!

  3. Troy, love these slipcovers! the ruffles are just beautiful, and speaking of beautiful your neice is just a darling little gal. hugs Debra

  4. Those slipcovers are just divine, Troy.
    In my perfect world, I would have a set, and I'd have a cat that wouldn't shred them to bits, grrrrrr....

    My new kitchen is pretty tiny, too. I guess what it lacks in size, it makes up for in cute.
    Sorta like Miss Em!

    Glad to see you feeling better!


  5. Your niece is just adorable! and who wouldn't love you :) Your slipcovers look like wedding dresses for chairs, just beautiful.

  6. Thank ya'll .. Ms Em thanks you too ..

    love ya'