Friday, October 30, 2009

things that are 50 cents and other images ..

aren't these the coolest little spoons - they are baby spoons - just the spoons, no forks - we purchased 81 of them at a thrift store - they are silverplate - can't remember the maker, but think they were 'community' - they will be priced 50 cents each...

the picture does not do this justice - these are small plastic bags each with a little trinket - a piece of costume jewelry - an award pin - a bracelet - a necklace - an old embroidered patch - there are over 300 pieces - well, i have used over 300 little bags - they will be priced 50 cents each...
these are chandelier shades and chandelier shade frames - i used to recover shades - so there will be a lot of shades and shade frames - these chandelier shades will be priced 50 cents each...

these are new, but made to resemble the old glass ornaments - they are glass and they are decorated with glitter - they have clips on their feet, just like the old ones - for clipping on a tree limb - they and other ornaments will be priced 50 cents each...

a cool stack of vintage carpet remnants or samples - some of them are bound - some aren't - they would make great hot pads - they will be priced 50 cents each...

a view of an area i got set up today .. love the big industrial table .. i think it would work as a counter also...

loving the red coleman lantern - the bowl of fishing reels - the miller mugs and pitcher -

this is a serious sale - it would be a mistake to miss it - even if you can not make it until sat - you do not want to miss this sale -

have a fun filled halloween -

troy & rod


  1. I'm planning on a Saturday visit. Maybe the really special stuff will have been revealed by then. ha!

  2. looking forward to meeting you and loading your vehicle for ya' -

  3. Dang it...I've got to go to Winnie and Tulula's and reset my booth. I haven't touched it since coming back from Zapp! Criminey...I see a lot with my name on it.
    BTW, I love bullet bras!

  4. Oh yeah, put a bullet bra aside for me! And one for my mom, I'm bringing her, too!
    I'm jazzed!!!

  5. I WANT TO COME!!!! Dang it, not fair! I see so many goodies. I'd love to have some of those spoons! If they are "Community" I think they are Oneida. Troy, I don't know if you'd want to mess with it, but I would love to have about 15 of those baby spoons, and I would compensate you good for your trouble of mailing them to me. Let me know if you could do that. I'm not in a big hurry, so it could easily be after the sale and you've had time to recuperate. You can email me, if you would, and also, thanks for the concern about my "fall"... so funny, I hadn't thought of it that way!!! te he.
    You're coming along great on your prep for the sale. When you're done with it all you'll feel like a whole new person!

  6. Why is the sale of the century 1500 miles from me?!? I'd be there all 3 days, and would even consider getting up before dawn. Hope you sell everything! I can tell it'll be s HUGE success...

  7. Dang! I wish I lived in Texas. Good luck on the sale..this is right up my alley.


  8. I would so LOVE to be there! Unfortunately, I live in Alabama and that would be a heck of a day trip!!

    I know you will do fantastic!!!

    I am a follower!

    Lou Cinda :)