Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more pics .. more pics .. more pics ..

unpacked a bunch of stuff today - starting to feel real good about the sale - things are a little jumbled with arranging where everything is going to go - saturday when we get home from the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Dallas, we are going to start moving the furniture and stuff like that over - the doors, the pieces parts and architectural pieces - then some time next week i am going to start unloading the fabrics - tomorrow and friday i think we will be working on the Christmas stuff - which is a great mix of old and new -

for now here are a ton of pics to enjoy -

after looking at all these pics, hopefully you can understand when i say my mind is a jumble also - i will be posting the exact address of our warehouse soon - it is northeast waco along highway 84 - i will also be responding to your emails - it was an exhausting day - night all - troy & rod


  1. Day-um, Troy!
    Your storage unit is better shoppin' than any store I've hit in recent memory.
    Okay, got a pen? Mail me with a price quote on the following items:
    1) Season's Greetings sign
    2) 2nd pic, tole looking trash can(?) with girl
    3) 6th pic, rose/beige fabric underneath the green leafy fabric
    4) 9th pic down, both suitcases on top shelf
    5) Madonna bust on second shelf
    6) 11th pic, shabby roses painting
    7) 21st pic all four vases
    8) 24th pic, bathing beauty

    No hurry!

  2. This is the mother load of all warehouse sales!!

  3. OMGosh. Talk about eye candy! Geez I wish I lived in Texas. You have coolness all over the place down there in Waco...

  4. I love those winter plates with the house and snow image.