Wednesday, October 21, 2009

nothing to say, but lots to see ..

i just don't have a lot to say these days - all i can think about is putting one foot in front of the other and getting everything out and set - the Susan G. Komen walk was very crowded, which is great - since then we have been going at breakneck speed - or so it seems - miss sharing, but know it will all get back to normal here soon - for now, here are some more pics - next week, we start pricing everything - pricing guns are loaded and ready - pics of the furniture to come in the next day or so -

these are vintage 1970s/80s era Hallmark Christmas ornaments - some of the boxes still have the original price tags attached.
the prices on the hangers have nothing to do with the prices of the the stockings, i just havent' changed the old price tags. these are hand cut images with small paper bags on the back for inserting a simple little gift ..
Stangl Starflower - service for 12 - 12 dinner plates - 12 bread & butter or dessert plates and 12 cups and saucers -
silver grey velvet stocking accented with heavily beaded Christmas tree - beautiful - i couldn't resist and purchased over 2 dozen at a end of Christmas closeout about 3 years ago - here they are -
mismatched set of Blue Ridge Pottery - love the hand painted flowers on this - that's a 6 piece set of Fostoria crystal behind it - marked on the bottom -

lovely hand painted Victorian era oil lamp - it has never been converted to an electric lamp ..

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laterz, troy & rod

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  1. You have some amazing stuff!!!
    Stopping by way of Fiona and Twig.
    Just became a follower!!! ;)