Sunday, October 25, 2009

imagination & a truck

that will come in handy at our sale - imagination and a truck, maybe a trailer - oh, and some funds - cash or check - we cleaned out some of our outside units today -
our families seem to be as overwhelmed about all the stuff we have accumulated as we are - we were hoarders - i am kind of excited for you to see everything - there is some really cool stuff here - today, the stuff we uncovered was mostly things we had intended to do something with - in one way or another - the sawed off turned pieces in the pics we had intended to make into candle stands - there are sets of legs we had meant to add a table top to - there are bottles of every variety and size - we used to add 'bake-on' heat transfers of old bottle labels, they always sold very well -
i made a flickr slideshow to share - enjoy it - excuse all the dust and dirt - we will try to find the time to clean it off - but there are no promises -
hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday -
laterz, troy & rod

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  1. All that teasing is not fair!...all those bottles waiting to be altered, and all those wood pieces in the 9th picture, NOT fair!!!!Thank you so much for the lovely visit and comment!!