Monday, October 12, 2009

look what i uncovered today ...

it's starting to feel like Christmas .. everyday i am uncovering more and more cool stuff i had forgotten i had hoarded somewhere along the way .. and when i say 'uncovered', that is exactly what it feels like ..

today, i found these cool old placards used for advertising a variety of items .. actually, i think i got these from an old print shop that was going out of business ... they are on heavy cardboard and some have beveled gilt edges .. there are some cute things advertised .. i had forgotten about these, but do remember that somewhere .. probably a day or two away from being uncovered .. are larger, like 12 x 18 size that advertise things like basketball games, sock hops and other cool stuff like that .. i got them all from the same place .. these smaller ones, i am going to price from 50 cents to $1 ea.

aren't they cool?

also, today we moved the huge oak counter over from one of our other storage buildings .. we are going to use it for checkout .. we haven't decided yet if we are selling the counter or not, but it is pretty cool .. and long .. like 14 feet.. yeah that long ...
and isn't this the sweetest little Victorian chair? i think it probably dates to the mid 1860s.. it has a rush seat .. and i love the gothic detail on the back .. it's going to be part of a vintage Christmas display ..

i am getting excited for the sale ..

troy & rod


  1. Okay, I need that petticoat sign. Dibs.
    Isn't it fun when you're able to shop your own stuff? I did that in my storage unit last year.
    See ya soon!

  2. Finding things you had forgotten about is just like Christmas, that happened to me too last night as I was sorting through boxes I had forgotten to take to Warrenton. Can't wait to see more. Also, good luck with the race!