Saturday, September 24, 2011

welcoming Fall ..

love love love love Fall .. love the colors, the temps, the excitement .. just plain love it .. it is one of my favorite seasons .. lol ..

i am always excited to see what the magazines are doing for fall .. i stumbled on the current issue of country living and fell in love with the article on the pumpkins .. thought, i can do that .. (don't you love that song from Chorus Line) ..

so .. i started with this ..

in an effort to achieve this ..

and came away with this ..

now in the article they said they used paper .. actually copies of fabric pattern .. scanning the fabric and then printing it out on the computer .. but i didn't read that part .. so i used some vintage fabric that i had .. tore it in strips and glued each one on .. then i used scrap pieces of burlap to create the leaves and stem .. then i used a water based polly for the topcoat .. to seal it .. still have one more to do ..

taking them to Canton .. we leave this coming Wednesday .. i am going with Rod this time .. we are in Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218 .. if they don't sell at canton, they will be at our booth at LaSalle Shoppes on LaSalle Ave in Waco ..

our neighbor dog, chico .. come to visit and see what i did to the pumpkins .. such a sweetie ..

we got him back onto his side of the fence and tried to repair it .. afraid he is going to hurt himself .. but he likes shooger and keeps trying to come visit ..

sharing a song here .. enjoy ..

love ya'

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

cashmere passion ..

i have a thing for cashmere sweaters. i can't stop buying them at thrift stores and used clothing stores. i have stacks of them. i tend to buy the ones that are cream, gray, black and warm toned colors. i have v neck, crew neck, turtle neck, vests, cable knit and just plain comfy.
i remember my first cashmere sweater - listen to me, i talk about them like it should have been a memorable event. but i guess it was. i love the look of a sweater with a good fit. but, i hate the texture of most sweaters. they just plain itch. i can wear a cashmere sweater on a cool morning to brunch and feel wonderful. i have worn cashmere sweaters that are over-sized and perfect for just laying on the couch and watching an epic old movie. there is nothing more enjoyable than a cool dark room, a Susan Hayward movie (Back Street), curled on the sofa, a down pillow, a bag of animal crackers, iced tea and wearing a cashmere sweater.
my first cashmere sweater - i bought with my mom at a church rummage sale. i was 15 years old. the sweater was at least 20 years old. i was drawn to it for the graphic diamond pattern - which is very much in style now - and when i picked it up, it was as if the heavens had opened up and sent down the lashes of angels to weave this heavenly creation. i was in love. i didn't even know what cashmere was and picture if you can a 15 year old country boy in a family of deer hunters conveying his excitement to his father. yeah. well, he loved me just the same.
so, i have a thing for cashmere sweaters.
i think i need to find a cabinet to put them in - preferably something with glass front doors.
p.s. old worn out sweaters also make great throw pillows.

love ya'

Monday, September 5, 2011

Waco, That's My Home Town (Produced by The City of Waco)

My Aunt posted this on my Facebook page and I thought it was about the cutest thing I had ever seen .. it's a jingle written about my hometown Waco .. back in the late 50s / early 60s .. I think .. about the time I was born ..

Watch it .. for fun ..

love ya'

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Canton - Sept 2011

rod just left for Canton this afternoon .. we had some things that got in the way of getting there until today .. so he should be pulling into our booth about the time this entry is posted to the blog .. i stayed behind again to care for our two dogs .. shooger and jax .. i did get some pics of some of the things he has with him that we got done for this month ..

remember this wicker set from earlier in the week ? .. we reupholstered it and added some pillows .. loving it .. Marta, it wasn't that difficult .. we don't know how to repair wicker but the back of this just needed new upholstery .. so that is what we did .. sorry i didn't get pics as we went through the process ..

here is the set all upholstered .. i love the floral print ..

the set with the throw pillows ..

the chair .. it is so comfortable ..

i love the way the whole set turned out .. wish i had a big back or front porch to put it on and i would be keeping this set ..

a close-up of one of the pillows ..

a pair of cube tables that we upholstered and tufted the tops on .. love the way they turned out ..

a full size headboard .. just a little bit of burlap at the center and a coat of country white paint ..

enjoy your weekend and head out to Canton and say hi to Rod ..
Arbors 2, spaces 217 & 218 ..

also don't forget, we are in Waco now .. at the LaSalle Shoppes on LaSalle Ave .. across from Treasure City Flea Market ..

love ya'