Friday, October 30, 2009

things that are 50 cents and other images ..

aren't these the coolest little spoons - they are baby spoons - just the spoons, no forks - we purchased 81 of them at a thrift store - they are silverplate - can't remember the maker, but think they were 'community' - they will be priced 50 cents each...

the picture does not do this justice - these are small plastic bags each with a little trinket - a piece of costume jewelry - an award pin - a bracelet - a necklace - an old embroidered patch - there are over 300 pieces - well, i have used over 300 little bags - they will be priced 50 cents each...
these are chandelier shades and chandelier shade frames - i used to recover shades - so there will be a lot of shades and shade frames - these chandelier shades will be priced 50 cents each...

these are new, but made to resemble the old glass ornaments - they are glass and they are decorated with glitter - they have clips on their feet, just like the old ones - for clipping on a tree limb - they and other ornaments will be priced 50 cents each...

a cool stack of vintage carpet remnants or samples - some of them are bound - some aren't - they would make great hot pads - they will be priced 50 cents each...

a view of an area i got set up today .. love the big industrial table .. i think it would work as a counter also...

loving the red coleman lantern - the bowl of fishing reels - the miller mugs and pitcher -

this is a serious sale - it would be a mistake to miss it - even if you can not make it until sat - you do not want to miss this sale -

have a fun filled halloween -

troy & rod

Wendal Wade 'bubba' Rash
October 30, 1956 - August 23, 2006

Thursday, October 29, 2009

comments ..

it was so humid in the warehouse this morning, we knocked off early- came home - took a nap - and are now getting set to go back and work into the evening - but i wanted to share some thoughts with ya'll -

1st - seriously, don't let depleted funds or not being able to be there on the first day keep you from coming - there is so much stuff and it is going to be priced reasonable to cheap - and we all know generally people overlook the good junk anyway and go for the 'antiques' - and as some stuff sells, i will be pulling other stuff out that got buried in the rush to get it all out.

B - it being close to the week-end and the start of garage sales - i want to share a very (until now) closely guarded secret with you - rod & i have been doing this for YEARS and i promise you from the bottom of my soul - it works - and it works like a charm - you know how you go to a sale and you find something you fall in love with - and you look and look and look - but no price on the item - so you search for someone to give you a price - this is what you do - if at all possible, do not relinquish the item - if you must - only relinquish it to the person who will be pricing it - then stand as close to them as arms length and while they are trying to come up with a price - say over and over in your head the price you are willing or wanting to pay - for instance - 50 cents 50 cents 50 cents - they will look up and say 50 cents - don't be ridiculous about it, you have to have a conscious about the act - but it works - try it for fun - try it for profit - but try it - heck come to my sale and try it on me cause i am sure there will be some things here that will not be priced -

i unpacked some quilts and quilt tops and chenille spreads this morning - don't even remember them - i think i got them at canton when we were set up in the arbors - 2002-2003 -

the beginning -

where we are now -


troy & rod

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

jezebel gets dressed for the occasion ...

my girl, jezebel (she was once a lingerie model and actually spends most of her time in the nude) got dressed for the occasion today - i wanted to make sure she was dressed in something somewhat proper for all hallows eve .. knowing her, she will most likely be wearing this when you meet her ..

while jez was twirling around the room admiring herself, i spent the day unpacking drapes and hanging chandeliers ..
these are a beautiful toile set - there are 3 full panels and 1 double panel - the are very long and lined - very well made ..

absolutely stunning! lined and backed with another fabric - these are so wonderful - very rich - i think they might be linen - i am not sure - they are VERY long - there are 4 full panels -

i bought these with the intention of using them myself - and it just didn't work out - so they will be in our upcoming sale -

the sale is November 5, 6 & 7 - Thursday, Friday & Saturday.. it starts at 7AM on Thursday... it is located at our storage bldg - 4800 sq ft of space - at the corner of Victoria St. & Bellmead Drive in Waco, Texas - email us at if you would like to be on our email notification list..

troy & rod

Monday, October 26, 2009

the list ..

rod loves to make lists - i have learned to tolerate them and on occasion use them - so today we made a list of the things we have in our upcoming sale -

johnson brothers friendly village,
fostoria water goblets,
blue ridge pottery,
hull art pottery,
roseville art pottery,
villeroy & boch palermo,
turkey platters,
Mexican pottery,
US Zone Germany,
hallmark ornaments,
Fitz & Floyd Christmas items,
floral paintings,
vintage & new Christmas items,
halloween items,
ornate & elegant photo frames,
old paintings,
vintage fabrics,
Vintage floral drapes,
old picture frames,
vintage crosses and rosaries,
vintage ralph lauren shams and pillow cases,
vintage chenille bedspreads,
vintage clothes including western shirts,
gorgeous vintage satin wedding dress,
vintage luggage,
vintage italian bedspreads,
old lampshade frames,
Old table Lamps,
Floor lamps,
beautiful tapestry sofa,
pair wing back chairs,
round painted oak dining table,
square painted oak dining table,
vintage metal porch glider,
set four oak straight back chairs - painted,
vintage lamps,
art pottery,
costume jewelry,
vintage toys,
alabaster items,
blue and white dishes,
old painted wood frame french doors,
old wood frame windows,
washer & dryer,
gas stove,
tools, tools, tools,
3- 4'x8' sheet bullet proof panels,
and more, more, more ...

the sale is November 5, 6 & 7 - Thursday, Friday & Saturday.. it starts at 7AM on Thursday... it is located at our storage bldg - 4800 sq ft of space - at the corner of Victoria St. & Bellmead Drive in Waco, Texas - email us at if you would like to be on our email notification list..

hoping the sale will be as big as the catfish this guy caught!

troy & rod

Sunday, October 25, 2009

imagination & a truck

that will come in handy at our sale - imagination and a truck, maybe a trailer - oh, and some funds - cash or check - we cleaned out some of our outside units today -
our families seem to be as overwhelmed about all the stuff we have accumulated as we are - we were hoarders - i am kind of excited for you to see everything - there is some really cool stuff here - today, the stuff we uncovered was mostly things we had intended to do something with - in one way or another - the sawed off turned pieces in the pics we had intended to make into candle stands - there are sets of legs we had meant to add a table top to - there are bottles of every variety and size - we used to add 'bake-on' heat transfers of old bottle labels, they always sold very well -
i made a flickr slideshow to share - enjoy it - excuse all the dust and dirt - we will try to find the time to clean it off - but there are no promises -
hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday -
laterz, troy & rod

Saturday, October 24, 2009

a happy day ...

i needed some happiness today .. so i pulled out the Christmas stuff and set up a display of the Christmas houses that will be in our sale .. it was a lot of fun and really served to lighten the mood .. ended up knocking off early and planning on enjoying the evening .. hoping for a rejuvenated feeling in the morning as we head into the final stretch ..
sharing photos of my winter wonderland ...
enjoy ...

middle of next week, we will start pricing .. yea!
g'night - troy & rod

running out of room

sharing pics as i head out the door to the warehouse for another day or sorting and setting - we are so running out of room - my fear is that it will be so overwhelming - hopefully not - want everyone to have a good time - here are some pics - more to follow - miss blogging - miss you guyz - laterz, troy & rod

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

nothing to say, but lots to see ..

i just don't have a lot to say these days - all i can think about is putting one foot in front of the other and getting everything out and set - the Susan G. Komen walk was very crowded, which is great - since then we have been going at breakneck speed - or so it seems - miss sharing, but know it will all get back to normal here soon - for now, here are some more pics - next week, we start pricing everything - pricing guns are loaded and ready - pics of the furniture to come in the next day or so -

these are vintage 1970s/80s era Hallmark Christmas ornaments - some of the boxes still have the original price tags attached.
the prices on the hangers have nothing to do with the prices of the the stockings, i just havent' changed the old price tags. these are hand cut images with small paper bags on the back for inserting a simple little gift ..
Stangl Starflower - service for 12 - 12 dinner plates - 12 bread & butter or dessert plates and 12 cups and saucers -
silver grey velvet stocking accented with heavily beaded Christmas tree - beautiful - i couldn't resist and purchased over 2 dozen at a end of Christmas closeout about 3 years ago - here they are -
mismatched set of Blue Ridge Pottery - love the hand painted flowers on this - that's a 6 piece set of Fostoria crystal behind it - marked on the bottom -

lovely hand painted Victorian era oil lamp - it has never been converted to an electric lamp ..

remember, email us at if you would like to be on our email list..

laterz, troy & rod

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more pics .. more pics .. more pics ..

unpacked a bunch of stuff today - starting to feel real good about the sale - things are a little jumbled with arranging where everything is going to go - saturday when we get home from the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Dallas, we are going to start moving the furniture and stuff like that over - the doors, the pieces parts and architectural pieces - then some time next week i am going to start unloading the fabrics - tomorrow and friday i think we will be working on the Christmas stuff - which is a great mix of old and new -

for now here are a ton of pics to enjoy -

after looking at all these pics, hopefully you can understand when i say my mind is a jumble also - i will be posting the exact address of our warehouse soon - it is northeast waco along highway 84 - i will also be responding to your emails - it was an exhausting day - night all - troy & rod