Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bathed in light ..bathroom redo

I thought I would share with you what happened at our house while we were gone to Illinois to visit Rods sister the week before Christmas.

Mindy made a post on her guest bath and it reminded me that I had never shared this with you all.

While we were in Illinois visiting Rods sister, Lori. Our business partner, Sherry stayed behind to work on product for the next show and offered to keep an eye on the house for us. We placed our puppies in a kennel.

Anyway, this is what our downstairs bathroom looked like when we left.

when we purchased the house, i pulled up a single tile to see what was underneath. it was a sticky mess and i never got around to pulling another up. it was something i figured we would get around to this spring.

notice the cabinetry and walls outlined in the pretty pink color? they match the tiles real nice don't you think? i thought the black toilet seat was a nice touch..

a full on view of the downstairs bathroom before its transformation ..

This is what the bathroom looked like when we walked into our house after a 14 hour. trip. Tired and bleary eyed.

sherry and her husband, steve spent the week we were gone redoing our downstairs bathroom. can you believe it? i felt like i was on an episode of trading spaces..

gone is the pink trim ... gone are the sticky tiles ..

i was in shock .. but loving every last minute of it .. it is rare to find a friend who knows exactly how you would have done something ..

look at that tub .. i didn't think i would ever see it that clean ..

can you see that floor? isn't it beautiful? i was so afraid there would be damage underneath all those sticky tiles..

Sherry said she didn't think she was ever going to get the sticky up. I love my new bathroom. I didn't show you the medicine cabinet, but they started stripping the layers and layers of paint. Our plan is to take it down to the original wood and seal it. We also have an interesting treatment for the bathroom window planned that we saw while we were in Illinois. Stay tuned.

I am still in complete shock that Sherry and Steve did this while we were away. I just can't help but walk by it and stand and look. Rod says I shouldn't worry too much, we have another bathroom upstairs that is almost identical to the way this one used to look.

I told Sherry we might take a vacation around my birthday in June. Do you think it could happen again?

Love you,