Monday, May 31, 2010

wicker lamp re-do

i hate when i forget to take before pics .. so use your imagination .. the shade on this floor lamp once was wedgwood blue with burgundy trim .. the floor lamp itself was once celery green .. the lamp and shade were found separately almost 2 years apart at the warrenton antique shows .. the crochet is/was part of my hoard ..

the shade and lamp were painted country white and the shade has been fitted with the crochet trim ..

come see it in canton - Arbor 2 space 217 & 218

Thursday June 3 - Sunday June 6

excuse the mess in the workroom ..

love ya'


  1. I love it, how can you sell it. What a great piece.

  2. It looks perfect together!
    I'd expect nothing less from you! :-)