Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what we did with that ..

found a cool metal rod folding thing - unsure of it's original purpose .. but the minute i saw it, i knew we could come up with something cool to do with it ..

it has wonderful patina on the metal, so we left it alone .. other than a good cleaning ..

then we had rod build us a wood tray that could be lifted off .. notched on the ends for easy grip ..

the tray will receive a coat of white paint and light distressing .. and a top coat of poly ..

then we made a little scalloped slipcover of burlap .. it has a wonderful little french look .. perfect for poolside, bedside or an impromptu garden party ..

we are busy getting ready for canton .. you MUST come see us this month .. we have so many wonderful things to share .. an extra big load of small furniture and accent pieces .. lots of slipcovers and lots of pillows .. lots of white stuff .. we are also doing the Dallas Flea this month, so sherry and i will be home except for sat working on things for that show while rod is at canton selling .. so stop in a see him ..

arbors 2, spaces 217 & 218

love ya'

p.s. later, we found another folding thingy just like this one, so we will have two of these tray tables ..


  1. Looks like part of a TV tray to me.

    Ya know, we talk about where we might want to relocate to...where we are isn't "it" for us yet...and I continually come back to wanting to go "home", home being the Dallas area.

    This is just one more reason to add to the list!

    Soon, I hope!

    Love ya,

  2. I think it's a frame for a cloth laundry basket. I vaguely remember my Mom having one.....

  3. Whatever it was, I love it now!

  4. Troy:
    These tables are perfect for poolside. You're the master of repurposing. I love visiting to see what you've come up with next!

  5. i found one of those roadside in germany a few years back. i used it for all kinds of purposes, but i think it's original use is a laundry bag holder.
    i totally LOVE the lil bistro idea with that slip cover. very sweet. thanks for sharing.

  6. Whatever it is...it's fabulous
    I love it!!!

  7. How great is that! Hmmm the possibilities! Loving your blog I will be back to read it all soon :)

    luvs and gliter

  8. I love that! You really know how to dress up a metal thingy-ma-bob nicely :) Genius! Theresa

  9. Great little table to take to a show to put your stuff on! And it doesn't take up much room in the truck! Love it!