Thursday, June 3, 2010

new look for june

dang it's hot ..

rod is working canton alone until sherry and i go out there on saturday .. so stop in a say hi.

we gave the booth a new look .. tell us what you think ..

the front left side of the booth ..

bottle vases, wired to painted beadboard ..

tower of pillows and footstools .. topped with a slipcovered chair ..

more pillows and an old porch swing ..

the perfect place to sit and rest on a hot summer day .. we have the back of the booth open to allow air to flow into our space .. come in and say hi to rod ..

arbor 2, space 217 & 218

love ya'


  1. It looks fresh and Summer-y!
    Looks like I need to head on up to Wacko and relieve ya of some of the crusty, rusty junk that y'all aren't taking to Canton.

    Have fun, sell lots!

  2. You have some wonderful things, Troy, the slipcovers and pillows and rose dishes! And that wicker lamp is just fabulous, love how the lace looks when the lamp is on.
    Hope you have a great weekend,

  3. The new June looks pretty great! Whenever one of my dealers does a makeover with their space, a funny thing happens. Their sales also increase. I love the look of burlap these days, its everywhere! Have a great week-end!

    Take care, Sue

  4. OOHHHHHH Gotta love those Bee Pillows.

  5. if i could shop, i would!!!!!! it is all to die for. loving the pink slipcover the most and those bead board bottles are super sweet.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. I am IN LOVE! I normally kind of lurk and admire from the background but just HAD to comment today! Your booth looks incredible. Good luck. One of these days I'm gonna make it there to see you. Maybe in the Fall. And yes, Oklahoma is hotter than a pistol too!

  7. Love those burlap pillows can't wait til Canton. Love the wonderful stories! WRITE A BOOK!!!