Wednesday, September 7, 2011

cashmere passion ..

i have a thing for cashmere sweaters. i can't stop buying them at thrift stores and used clothing stores. i have stacks of them. i tend to buy the ones that are cream, gray, black and warm toned colors. i have v neck, crew neck, turtle neck, vests, cable knit and just plain comfy.
i remember my first cashmere sweater - listen to me, i talk about them like it should have been a memorable event. but i guess it was. i love the look of a sweater with a good fit. but, i hate the texture of most sweaters. they just plain itch. i can wear a cashmere sweater on a cool morning to brunch and feel wonderful. i have worn cashmere sweaters that are over-sized and perfect for just laying on the couch and watching an epic old movie. there is nothing more enjoyable than a cool dark room, a Susan Hayward movie (Back Street), curled on the sofa, a down pillow, a bag of animal crackers, iced tea and wearing a cashmere sweater.
my first cashmere sweater - i bought with my mom at a church rummage sale. i was 15 years old. the sweater was at least 20 years old. i was drawn to it for the graphic diamond pattern - which is very much in style now - and when i picked it up, it was as if the heavens had opened up and sent down the lashes of angels to weave this heavenly creation. i was in love. i didn't even know what cashmere was and picture if you can a 15 year old country boy in a family of deer hunters conveying his excitement to his father. yeah. well, he loved me just the same.
so, i have a thing for cashmere sweaters.
i think i need to find a cabinet to put them in - preferably something with glass front doors.
p.s. old worn out sweaters also make great throw pillows.

love ya'


  1. Oh Troy....I love you too!!! I just love your passion!!!! And that you love cashmere too...I've never worn it though, way too expensive for me and my family. As much as you love it, you've got to think about all the amazing things you can create with that collection though! Isn't it fun to work with stuff you love? Maybe lavender sachets with a big covered button....stuffed cashmere pumpkins....cashmere stockings...they all sound lovely and I KNOW you can make it happen!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Ohmylanta...what's not to love. Even the name sounds soft coming outta my mouth like a whisper.
    Luxury...pure luxury.
    I don't know if I'd be able to do anything to 'em besides keep 'em as pets.

  3. I loved my cashmere dress...purchased in my 20s. Alas, I no longer have it (it wouldn't fit anyway), but I wish I'd known about cutting and making them into pillows then. I'd still have the soft memory to cuddle.
    Restful weekend, my friend.

  4. This post made me smile! I'd love to find some cashmere at a thrift shop. When I was about 19, I found a gorgeous ivory cashmere sweater. It was vintage, with a collar and three white "pearl" buttons. Love at first sight!