Thursday, September 1, 2011

Canton - Sept 2011

rod just left for Canton this afternoon .. we had some things that got in the way of getting there until today .. so he should be pulling into our booth about the time this entry is posted to the blog .. i stayed behind again to care for our two dogs .. shooger and jax .. i did get some pics of some of the things he has with him that we got done for this month ..

remember this wicker set from earlier in the week ? .. we reupholstered it and added some pillows .. loving it .. Marta, it wasn't that difficult .. we don't know how to repair wicker but the back of this just needed new upholstery .. so that is what we did .. sorry i didn't get pics as we went through the process ..

here is the set all upholstered .. i love the floral print ..

the set with the throw pillows ..

the chair .. it is so comfortable ..

i love the way the whole set turned out .. wish i had a big back or front porch to put it on and i would be keeping this set ..

a close-up of one of the pillows ..

a pair of cube tables that we upholstered and tufted the tops on .. love the way they turned out ..

a full size headboard .. just a little bit of burlap at the center and a coat of country white paint ..

enjoy your weekend and head out to Canton and say hi to Rod ..
Arbors 2, spaces 217 & 218 ..

also don't forget, we are in Waco now .. at the LaSalle Shoppes on LaSalle Ave .. across from Treasure City Flea Market ..

love ya'


  1. Hope the skies stay blue and the weather is perfect for Canton. Everything you did is just beautiful, Troy. Best Wishes. Donna

  2. It all looks lovely. I'm hoping to be able to make a stop in Waco when we take the first trailer down to Zapp.