Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leah Grace update and New Stuff for Canton ..

I got an update on Leah Grace.. the benefit sale was a success .. they raised almost $9000 and were thrilled with the turn-out. They used my title ' A Cup of Tea With Leah Grace ' as their slogan .. which I thought was awesome .. so happy to have helped this little precious angel in whatever way I could. If you helped and kept her in your prayers, thank you.

Also, here are some things we have been working on for Canton ..

an old needlepoint i stitched / patched to the front of a piece of vintage mattress ticking i had and backed it with a piece of vintage chenille ..

sometime ago we purchased these glass cloches or bells .. i epoxied various seashells on the tops to act as knobs for lifting .. i have a stack of vintage salad plates that work great as underplates for them .. i like these a lot ..

this is one of my favorite ones .. love the seashell on this one .. i have a limited supply of these .. only about 18 .. i priced them out at $9.95 to $11.95 depending on the seashell used and then the plates i priced at $4 - $5 ..

this is a swatch of wallpaper .. the colors are more vivid than the pic shows .. esp the pinks and blues .. i have a nice size roll of this vintage paper .. wait until you see the what i did with some of it ..

judy hill seems to have made old paint brushes popular .. who would have thought .. but here at the junk exchange, we hope to supply you with all your decorating needs .. so, if you want old paint brushes .. here they are ..

if you aren't able to make it to Warrenton / RoundTop .. i hope you can make it to Canton .. come see us in Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218...

well, off to do more sewing, painting and creating ..

love you,


  1. Two posts from you in a week?
    It's like Christmas!!! ;-)

    Great stuff you've got there, Troy. Still hoping for a Canton trip in my future!


  2. I agree with Anne...So great to read another post from you this week. I love your use of the seashells on the cloches. Beautiful - and organic.
    You're just the best, Troy.