Saturday, March 19, 2011

back to creating .. back to blogging ..

i'm fixin to get back to creatin' and bloggin' ..

my uncle - on my fathers side passed in february .. i had my gallbladder removed in february .. so the last couple of months i have wanted to do very little .. feelin better..

i am going to be at Canton at the end of this month, so would love to see you there ... wish we were doing warrenton / roundtop but it has just gotten to be too long of a show .. fun .. very fun .. but it just exhausts me .. so i will be sticking with Canton ..

here are some things we have been working on creatin ..

these are cute little 16" muslin pillow shams .. a fancy curly style initial adorns the front of each ..

sweet raw edge linen style fabric sham .. 16" square .. adorned with a Paris design ..

our popular Union Jack pillow in a bed pillow size sham .. 21" by 26" .. canvas with muslin strips ..

new this month .. burlap toppers for our muslin slipcovers .. block printed with a fancy curlicue initial .. tied at the corners with muslin strips ..

closeup of the burlap topper .. the backside is the same as the front ..

come out and see us .. we are in Arbor 2, spaces 217 & 218 ..

love ya'


  1. Glad you are back so sorry for those hard times
    Come enter my giveaway it is sure to brighten your day!!

  2. love your blog, hun .. but the dresses just aren't my style ..

  3. Glad to see you back, Troy, and hope you're feeling much, much better. I love the Union Jack sham! Fabulous!!!

  4. Love it! Welcome back! Lezlee