Thursday, September 16, 2010

the stairway ..

i love the front stairway of the house .. i took loads of pics of the whole house .. so bear with me and i will share as we go along and i will tell you what i envision .. luckily, for the most part, rod and i are totally agreeing on the look of the house .. so it seems to be fate ..

did i mention how fated the house was .. we felt as if God winked at us .. the house was never listed with a realtor .. while house hunting, we drove by it twice and commented on how it needed someone to clean it up .. and how huge the lot was .. the owner listed the house once, on craigslist .. the week sister died .. and he never listed it again .. rod and i decided that what we needed was a duplex, so we could work on one side and live on the other .. we were thinking side by side duplexes .. anyway, i checked ... the local papers .. barely missed out on a couple of cute ones .. decided to check craigslist and did a search on duplexes for sale .. it pulled this one up .. almost a month old .. the guy said he hadn't listed it with a realtor and needed to relist it on craiglist .. we were so afraid something would happen before we could close on it, so we stayed as quiet as church mice while we negotiated with him .. i was about to bust a gut the closer we got .. anyway, it is ours now and we are so excited ...

so .. here are pics of the stairway .. you enter the front door and the stairway is off to the right side a little with an entrance into the downstairs living room to the left ..

the stairway originally had carpet, but someone pulled the carpet up and instead of removing all the little carpet tacks, they just tacked down thin paneling over the stairs .. so we are going to work on removing that and removing the tacks and then sanding and waxing the stairs... the wood is pine .. we may leave the railings white and not strip them .. unsure yet .. but we are going to start off painting every room we can white or off white ..

there is a little closet with a 3/4 size paneled door under the stairway ..

love the simplicity of the railings, they remind me of a farmhouse ..

the landing at the top of the stairs will serve a bench well .. maybe a mirror above it to reflect the light ..

love the light that floods the stairwell .. i am thinking just sheer gauze type curtains .. if that ..

view from the top of the landing looking down into the 'foyer' .. ha! just realized we have a foy'yeah ..

there is also a cool stairway down the back side of the house leading from the upstairs kitchen ..

more later ..

love ya'


  1. Troy, it is definately fate! Will you be giving house tours once you've completed the reno. Sure hope so :)

  2. It's even better than I thought!
    Now I know how people feel when they say they can't wait to peek in and see what I'm doing with my new house. I feel the same way about following your progress, too!

    Have fun!


  3. This is so wonderful. A 'meant to be' house for sure. I love the stairs and will be following along with you on this adventure.

  4. Troy:
    A fabulous, light-filled staircase...and even a place for Harry Potter to live at the bottom. Perfect! ;-)

  5. I am so happy for y'all. I'm sure it will be fabulous after you put all of your hard work and creativity into it. Keep us posted -- and an open house would be wonderful! ;o)

  6. First visit to your wonderful blog and I will be returning! I can read your passion for this old house and understand it well (being an old house owner myself!) The staircase is beautiful. Best described by Leonardo da Vinci: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.