Saturday, August 7, 2010

about old barns ..

i loved teresa's post on old barns ...

it made me think of the big old barn we had on the property when i was just a teen ..

seems we always lived out in the country .. when this photo was taken, sister was married and living in hillsboro working as a nurse for grant buie hospital in hillsboro .. momma was pregnant with our baby brother kevin ..i am the one in the plaid pants .. my older brother wendal stands next to me .. in front is our middle sister, carra rebecca - becky and our baby sister, renee .. the barn held a lot of good and bad memories .. secrets .. daddy didn't like us playing in the barn .. but we always snuck off to play 'fort' or 'hide and seek' .. wendal and i discovered a stack of old records and spent the summer tossing them out into the field and using them as target practice .. it's where i smoked my first cigarette .. it was where i first participated in the fall ritual of hog killing - and my last time .. behind that old truck was a huge old fig tree .. momma loved figs and we would pick them for her to make preserves ..
i remember one time being in the hay loft of the barn when i was not supposed to and hearing momma and daddy calling my name ..we used to jump out the door of the hay loft and land in the soft dirt below .. one day i jumped .. barefoot and all .. and landed on a broken coke bottle .. slicing my foot just under my big toe and the toe next to it .. i was so scared that i would now have to tell them where i had been .. i was surprised that i did not get a whipping ..

anyway, i love this old barn ..

thank you, teresa for sharing and stirring memories ..

love ya'll


  1. Hi Troy:
    I love old barns. They stir feelings in me that I can't even explain. I was standing in a neighbors (long empty, and clean) barn in Wisconsin one fall day. The light was coming in through the slats, and out of nowhere, tears started rolling down my cheeks! I had this overwhelming feeling of another time and I was "home". Since I was a child, my siblings commented that I would point out barns on family trips, and they all fully expect that, before I die, I'll live in a renovated barn. (But it still has to LOOK like a barn!) Thanks for another walk down Memory Lane, my friend. (I LOVE the barn in your photo - almost as much as I dig those plaid pants!) ;-)

  2. Great post Troy! I loved the story and the pictures were so special. My first little store I had before Country Roads was called, "Battered Barn"!

    Take care, Sue

  3. What great memories except for the toe slicing of course. We too had an old barn and of all the memories I have it that I remembered most was the time the tarantula crawled down my uncle's back, he wasn't scared at all and just brushed it off. I remembered it was full of tools and hay and the tractor. Have a great weekend, T

  4. Wow, there's some real history in that lovely old barn. I can see why you love it so, there are some pretty powerful memories tied up in that structure.

    This photo is just marvelous. It is Americana at its finest. And like Donna, I think you are definitely rocking those fabulous plaid pants!

  5. Barns are the truest link to our past, but only if we were in one. I am sad for all the "city folk" that didn't have this upbringing. Precious memories. Thanx for your words and thanx for those memories.

  6. I love old barnes too and all that they hold, be it leftovers from the house, animals, farm implements...........all of it. I used to spend a lot of time in HIllsboro traisping around looking at old barns and what was in them. We lived there for 25 years and also had ties to Grant Buie Hospital. Small world.
    p.s. see you at canton :)