Friday, October 21, 2011

finding it ..

finding JOY today can be difficult and frustrating .. however, i have a secret that works for me and wanted to share it with you .. though it is now effortless, i work real hard at greeting each day and each gift, surprise or show of affection with a silent "Thank You, Father" ..sometimes i even shout it .. and i can't begin to relate how many times i have used that phrase these past few weeks .. even though it seems every other day brings a new pain and a little less brain power .. i feel very blessed ..

junk exchange had decided this month would be it's last show at canton .. the shoving and loading and unloading of furniture and setting up of displays was just getting harder and harder to do, and canton was building a new lock and leave that would have made it difficult for us to maneuver into our parking space late on set-up day, which is when we like to get there to avoid the traffic of set-up ..

we applied for a space in the new lock and leave and figured if we didn't get in, then this would be our last show .. there were only 10 spaces and hundreds of applicants for the 10 spaces and honestly, we didn't hold out much hope .. we thought it would be nice and of course felt our merchandise warranted such an honor, but there were literally hundreds of applicants .. we were notified the middle of this month we were accepted .. SO ..Thank you, Father!!! .. our NEW LOCATION is in the NEW lock and leave building now known as ARBOR GATEWAY .. we are SPACE # 7 .. how lucky is that? Thank you, Father .. what this means, is we can set up our booth like a shop and lock it up at the end of the show instead of packing it up like we have for the last 20 years ... Thank you, Father...

see this statue? if you have ever been to Canton, you know where this is .. it is located directly at the main entrance off hiway 19 .. see the building behind it, that says THE ARBORS .. well, you can't really see that NOW .. now, there is a big building in front of that entrance .. that is the ARBOR GATEWAY .. we are in space # 7 of that NEW building .. so easy to find .. Thank you, Father ..

this month we also participated in a local show organized by the Shopapalooza Ladies called "Fall into Christmas" .. it was a fun event and we made some nice new contacts .. and met some wonderful people ..rewerked furniture .. texas pickers .. Thank you, Father ..

below are a few images of our booth at that event .. it was a one day event ..

so Rod has been busy building us display pieces for the new space and the sewing room has been a whirl of excitement with fabric flying through the air .. we also have at the end of this month the Junior League of Waco show "Deck the Halls" .. Sherry is doing that show .. and Rod is doing Canton and I am going with him ..again, Thank you, Father ..

you must come to Canton this month and see the new booth space .. junk exchange has found some incredibly lovely pieces to fill the space and i know you will love the new look .. we will be bringing things for sale that we have not offered before due to the unpredictability of the weather .. now with the new lock and leave we feel secure paper goods, fabrics and lamps and shades will not get damaged ..

each day is like a new chapter in this amazing book .. Thank you, Father ..

well my mind has gone totally blank on what i wanted to say .. so i will close with Thank you, Father and give you all my love ..



  1. Thank you, Father! For blessing Troy and Rod, they so deserve it!!!

  2. Troy, considered yourself blessed beyond words, I believe having an attitude of thankfulness, constant, never ending and independent of circumstances is the key to a joyful life. Thanksgiving day is the biggest joke to me, everyday is thanksgiving day. GOD IS SO GOOD, ALWAYS. I so want to come and see you someday and give you the biggest hug, love, Marta.

  3. I love how God takes care of you. This is so exciting!!! He has a plan for you two...

    ;-D xoxo

  4. Troy, this is really exciting. So happy for your new space.