Monday, October 10, 2011

sexy hangers ..

we have decided to add vintage lingerie to the items we offer for sale.. we feel it will add something to the boudoir theme we have going .. i remembered i had some of those vintage padded lingerie hangers stockpiled, but we must have sold them because i sure can not remember where i packed them or placed them.. i thought about what to do as i didn't want to hang sexy lingerie on just any old hanger .. so i came up with this ..(when i say i came up with this, i honestly don't remember if i saw it somewhere and it just kind of stuck in my mind and therefore i felt it sprang - springed? - sprung? - from my twisted, confused mind .. but i thought it was cute, so if i stole the idea from you, my apologies)

i think it sets off the lingerie quite nicely .. it is a simple wood hanger wrapped in strips of hand torn (how else?) cotton muslin and accented with a simple bow at the throat of the hanger, finished off with a dangle-ly charm made using a vintage key and a swivel ball hook ..

i began with these simple wood hangers .. we see them everywhere down here in Texas ..

then we had some excess torn strips that were destined more for the trash than another project as they were too thin for the ruffles on our pillows ... so i made use of them here ..

we have a stockpile of vintage keys .. we usually place them in our popular junk bags and sell them 5/ $1.00 ..

added the key to a vintage swivel ball hook, from the fishing department ..

and it made a cute little dangle ...

then tied it to the throat of the hanger .. directly underneath the bow ..

now isn't that the sweetiest little (yeah, i said sweetiest) .. hanger ? .. you could even soak the muslin strips in rose water then dry them for an added touch .. me .. i just sprayed them with some tea rose .. which always reminds me of my momma ..

enjoy the day .. love ya ..


  1. Much to clever and beautiful an idea to keep to yourself! Love 'em, Troy.
    Happy Week, my friend.

  2. Hey - that's CUTE!!! No... wait. SWEET!!!

    Love it!

    ;-D robelyn