Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the way of Canton ..

we just finished the October November Canton and it was one for the record books .. in all aspects .. a local police man said it was the biggest crowd at Canton since 1996. .. after 20+ years of doing Canton, we finally have one of the premier spaces at the market .. at least i feel that way .. the new lock and leave building has a feel all it's own .. it was the first time in 20+ years we have been able to leave the grounds on Sunday afternoon before the sun went down .. it was the best show in a long time for us .. everyone loved the new space and commented so .. it felt like home ..
the way our booth looked on thursday morning ..

the way our booth looked sunday morning ..

considered the main entrance to the Canton First Monday grounds .. off hiway 19 .. the new lock and leave building in the distance .. we are the second booth in on the left .. space # 7 ..

a burlap and muslin lamp shade i created .. the base of the shade had an approximate 24" diameter .. i had it lit for a pendant shade ..

our pillow cabinet .. it's an old pine wardrobe .. perfect for the shams and pillows ..

the booth on saturday morning .. i tried to change the booth up every morning .. it was fun moving it around to give it a different look and seemed to pay off ..

a chaise i covered in vintage lace tablecloths .. inspired by curious sofa ..

slipcover cabinet i had Rod create for the shop .. made using an old wardrobe .. cut out on the end .. chalkboard on each side of the opening ..

if you want to see more pics of our booth check out the pics in our facebook album..

hoping your month is filled with happiness and love ..
love ya'


  1. Troy, you and Rod amaze me with your talent!! Congratulations on your new shop and also on the awesome sales!!

  2. Troy, y'alls space looked awesome! It was the biggest crowd I'd ever seen on a Thursday. I had forgotten you moved and went looking for you in your old space. I'll have to definately come and find you in your new location next month. I'll be there selling too with Ethel in the Pavillions.

  3. You guys are soooooooooo good! We will see you next month for sho!

  4. I love y'all, I miss y'all, I feel another Waco trip coming on! I need hugs!!!

    Your space looks wonderful. :-)


  5. I like the way y'all roll. That's the only way to do Canton 'cause it comes around way too fast otherwise. All that loading and unloading can wear a body!
    Love the chaise. If you didn't sell it, may I inquire the price?

  6. Love all the photos. That chaise is beautiful! What a wonderful idea for vintage tablecloths. It's a shame I live so far away!