Monday, November 8, 2010

7 go-zin-ta 100 ought 4

"how hard do you want to work next week" .. that is what he asked me when he was at canton last ..
"why?" i asked ..
knowing what he meant was we would be working long hours and with a deadline ..
"we have a client who wants 104 pillows for the nutcracker show" ..
"100 and 4?" ..
"yeah, one of the designs they only want 4"...
"that's why we are in this, isn't it .. call sherry and get her input".. i said ..

104 pillows in 7 days .. we did it .. all 3 of us (rod didn't get to help until the 3rd day in).. working together .. we are so proud .. proud that we didn't have to farm out any of the work .. proud that the only casualties were pricked fingers and sore backs .. it felt good .. but i don't want to do it again .. not in 7 days .. would love to have another order like that, but not the deadline ..

so this is what 104 pillow shams look like ..

in case you ever wondered .. in case you ever have to guesstimate .. 3 people working long hours (sometimes until 10 or 11 at night) can manufacture 104 pillows in 7 days .. that's measuring, cutting, trimming, serging, washing, drying, pressing, printing, pinning, sewing, gathering, sewing, unpinning, serging, turning outside, washing, drying, inspecting, folding, stacking, counting, packing and finally shipping 104 pillows, 832 pieces of fabric in 7 days .. what a feat! ..and that doesn't even take into account the normal every day stuff that goes on in the lives of 3 grown adults with grandkids and other household responsibilities .. and we are all over 50 years old ..!!

old people rule!!

love ya'

off to do some shopping ..


  1. Wow, that's all...just WOW! Lezlee

  2. I am IMPRESSED! What an accomplishment! You know what is an even better accomplishment? The fact that someone loves your works of art that much! Congratulations!


  3. No...y'all rock! Congratulations on the big order...and making your deadline!

  4. Wow, now you need to rest for at least 7 days! Maybe a vacation is now in order. It does sound awesome to get an order that big, but I know there's so much work involved in it. Have a great rest of the week, T

  5. My heroes! They're beautiful! Congratulations, guys! As one of the "old people crowd"...You're right. You rock!

  6. That is awesome!!!! Good for you guys...they look fabulous!
    So good to know "old People" rock!!!! lol!!!!
    Margaret B

  7. Old people DO rule!
    Good for you, I'm impressed!


  8. Great job!!! They look wonderful!